4 Things to Do with Your Wardrobe After Losing 15 Lbs.

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4 Things to Do with Your Wardrobe After Losing 15 Lbs.

Share Some Style - logo - 530x398You’ve worked hard, sweated out countless hours at the gym, maintained a healthy diet, and guess what? It’s finally starting to pay off! Dropping the first 15 pounds is a huge accomplishment and cause for celebration. Now that you’re closer to reaching your ultimate goal, let’s start whipping that wardrobe into shape. Treating yourself along the way is extremely important for keeping you motivated, confident, and feeling great as you work toward your goal! Here’s what to do in your closet after you’ve lost your first 15 pounds.

Purge clothes that no longer fit This is an incredibly rewarding activity that will help you realize how far you’ve come. It’s an opportunity for you to throw out anything that’s oversized, old, or just simply doesn’t serve you anymore. Start by sorting your clothes into “Keep,” “Toss,” and “Maybe” piles. You’ll be surprised at how fun this process can be! Doing so will also help you make room for the replacement items you should be treating yourself to.

Replace your lingerie Weight fluctuations can change the fit and function of your bras. The first thing to do is to get measured at your local lingerie boutique. Women can look best in different shapes, so be sure to try on several styles and pick up a few types of bras. And cotton undies in a flattering cut can go a long way. The right undergarments can dramatically improve your posture, how you look in your clothing, and how confident you feel.

Get new jeans The backbone of any woman’s wardrobe is a great pair of denim jeans. They can be dressed up or down and work for a variety of occasions, but they are useless if they don’t fit right! You don’t need to run out and buy a cigarette jean or distressed denim to look good. Use your judgment, and get the right pair for your lifestyle. A well-fitting pair of straight cut jeans with a great mid-rise waist can make you look ten times better than a skinny jean that makes you feel uncomfortable.

Accessorize! Add bold, simple pieces that won’t clutter your new outfits. Scarves and bangles can pull together a whole look. Consider a longer earring to draw attention to your slimmer face, and don’t forget interesting belts to accentuate your new waist!

What else have you done with your wardrobe after reaching a weight-loss milestone? Share your tips with us!


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