3 Strength Moves to do at Your Desk

Lori Patterson
by Lori Patterson
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3 Strength Moves to do at Your Desk

The number one excuse for not working out is lack of time. Many of us work 12- to 14-hour days at work, and find it hard to leave the office at a decent hour—much less make it the gym to train our bodies.

So, I am going to take away your number-one excuse and share with you some exercises you can do at work right from your chair. The greatest benefit is you can do these exercises throughout your day and no one will even suspect you are returning emails AND strengthening your quads simultaneously. The exercises include:

  • Squats from a chair, which focus on the quadriceps, glutes and hamstrings
  • Knee lifts and knee extensions for those of you who need to strengthen your quads but may have injuries to your knees
  • Bicep curls for the front of your arms

Try 8-12 reps of these exercises three times throughout your day a minimum of two days per week.

About the Author

Lori Patterson
Lori Patterson

Lori Patterson, BA, is the owner of Midwest Fitness Consulting, CEO of VicteliB and the creator of Boot Camp Challenge®. Lori is a master trainer/specialist for AFAA and an Ace faculty member. She holds additional certifications with the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and Wellcoaches. Follow Lori on Twitter (@BCChallenge), on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. Download the Boot Camp Challenge app.


5 responses to “3 Strength Moves to do at Your Desk”

  1. Avatar Anna Dobbin says:

    “3 Ways to Look Like an Insane Person at Work.”

  2. Avatar Mom of 5 says:

    Awesome tips! Such good explanations and form instructions.

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