3 Dynamic Warm-up Moves

Lori Patterson
by Lori Patterson
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3 Dynamic Warm-up Moves

Warming up your body before exercising is a great way to prevent injury. Not only does it prepare your body for the exercise, but it also increases your core body temperature, joint mobility and heart rate. Your warm-up moves will also prepare your mind for the work ahead.

This video will show you three warm-ups: one for cardiovascular training (heart), one for muscular endurance training (strengthening of the major muscles) and one for flexibility (stretching and joint mobility).

About the Author

Lori Patterson
Lori Patterson

Lori Patterson, BA, is the owner of Midwest Fitness Consulting, CEO of VicteliB and the creator of Boot Camp Challenge®. Lori is a master trainer/specialist for AFAA and an Ace faculty member. She holds additional certifications with the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and Wellcoaches. Follow Lori on Twitter (@BCChallenge), on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. Download the Boot Camp Challenge app.


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