20 Reasons to Stay In: Why Working Out Indoors Is Better

Kate Hughes
by Kate Hughes
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20 Reasons to Stay In: Why Working Out Indoors Is Better

For every athlete who waxes poetic about exercising outside, there’s a dedicated indoor athlete who knows the truth: indoors trumps outdoors. “Impossible,” say the explorers sprinting up the trails. Well, here are 20 rebuttals to the starry-eyed naturalist.

An ode to the indoors — and all the ways you just can’t beat it.

Indoors doesn’t honk.

Indoors doesn’t rain.

Indoors protects from bugs.

Indoors means no bug spray, no sunscreen and no silly hats.

Indoors removes distractions.

Indoors offers focal points.

Indoors, daydreaming is encouraged.

Indoors, binge-watching is acceptable.

Indoors, your reflection corrects your form.

Indoors keeps water nearby.

Indoors is never dark.

Indoors is steady terrain.

Indoors is hills on demand.

Indoors is downhills on demand.

Indoors is the sound of your gait.

Indoors has no stoplights.

Indoors offers stowage.

Indoors, wind tunnels are fiction.

Indoors has no commute.

Indoors is the sound of your breath.

Indoors is animal-free.

Indoors isn’t idealistic, romantic or head-in-the-clouds.

Indoors is just the good old-fashioned work.

And our closing argument? Two words: air conditioning.

About the Author

Kate Hughes
Kate Hughes

Kate is a Brooklyn-based writer whose health, fashion, and lifestyle work has appeared in Self, Vice, and Vogue. When she’s not tackling inclines with her jogging stroller, she’s following all things athleisure. See what she’s up to on her website and at @katehughesnyc.


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