The 15-Minute Cardio & Core Circuit

by Shane Barnard, JD
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The 15-Minute Cardio & Core Circuit

Over the past couple months, we’ve been guiding you through a series of dynamic workouts designed for your busy life — 15-minute routines that you can do anywhere. (Check them out here.)

This time around, we’ve got a combination cardio and core workout that also takes only 15 minutes, is easy to do and, best of all, requires no equipment.

This workout is divided into three separate five-minute workouts that combine intervals of cardio and core exercises. You can complete one set of each back-to-back for a 15-minute workout or two sets for a 30-minute workout. Each workout starts with 90 seconds of cardio exercises, followed by two minutes of core work, then finishes with another 90 seconds of cardio.

Follow along with the video above. Start with a dynamic warmup of torso rotations, arm circles, squats, knee tucks, bottom kickers and lunges. Complete 8–10 repetitions of each, moving through your full range of motion to warm up the body and prepare for the workout.

For the cardio portion, set your timer for 45 seconds, then repeat,  for 90 seconds of total work. For the core portion, set it for 60 seconds of work and 10 seconds of recovery, then repeat.




As with any exercise program, consult with your doctor.


  • MJ Padilla

    You rock! I generally never enjoy cardio days, but I have never seen such a fun and inspiring routine that also gets a lot of work done. I cannot wait to do this! I’ve always thought looking forward to one’s workout makes all the difference. I love your encouraging attitude and addictive energy. The variations are a great help as well, making it more versitle for everyone and a way to improve their weaker areas.