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11 Products Perfect for the Eco-Friendly Athlete

Amy Schlinger
by Amy Schlinger
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11 Products Perfect for the Eco-Friendly Athlete

If you care equally as much about taking care of the planet as you do your body, these products were made just for you! After all, Mother Nature is incredible — the least we can do is try to make eco-friendly decisions while enduring our sweaty endeavors. We rounded up some of our favorite sustainable products perfect for active individuals. From sulfate-free sport laundry detergent to swimsuits made from recycled materials, here are some A-plus products for the eco-conscious athlete.

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About the Author

Amy Schlinger
Amy Schlinger

Amy is a New York-based fitness and health writer and editor whose work has appeared in SELF, Men’s Fitness, Shape, Muscle & Fitness HERS, Pilates Style, Max Sports & Fitness and more. Check her out at www.amyschlinger.com.


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