11 Must-Read Fitness Stories of 2018

by Sarah Sung
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From exercises everyone should do to the most underrated exercises to the secret to burning more calories at rest, we covered a lot of fitness-related ground this year — and learning about the mental side of fitness as well the best workout for anti-aging was just icing on the cake. After all, we’re built to move.

Here, our 10 most-read fitness and workout stories of the year, plus a bonus editor’s pick — taking it to 11.

1. 6 Exercises Everyone Should Do
Knowing the basics is half the battle. Keep these six moves in your fitness arsenal and you can get a solid workout anywhere, anytime.

2. 7 Exercises You Should Never Do Again
Maybe never was too strong a word, but unless you’re super vigilant about form and can’t think of a better alternative to work the same muscles, perform these at your own risk.

3. How Often You Should Exercise When You’re Trying to Lose Weight
While diet plays a huge role in weight loss, moving is important, too. There’s no magic number, but this weekly quota is a good start.

The 5 Most Underrated Exercises You Should Be Doing

4. The 5 Most Underrated Exercises You Should Be Doing
While good old-fashioned jumping jacks made the list, this editor was particularly happy to see glute bridges — and might suggest clamshells as the sixth.

5. Why Your Weight Isn’t Budging Even if You’re Exercising
While overestimating your workout calorie burn is common, a few of these reasons are anything but intuitive.

8 Ways to Eat and Exercise For Quick Weight Loss

6. 8 Ways to Eat and Exercise For Quick Weight Loss
Remember, quick weight loss is different from maintaining a lifestyle, so you won’t always have to do that double workout.

7. Your 10-Minute, No-Equipment Core Workout
Spoiler alert: There are only three moves, but they’re simple and can be done virtually anywhere.

8. Should I Lift Weights Before or After Cardio?
Some sage advice on what can be a very controversial topic.

9. 28-Day Squat, Plank & Lunge Plan
This full-body workout can be regressed or progressed to your liking — and, as always, plyometrics are optional.

How to Gain Muscle Without Gaining Fat

10. How to Gain Muscle Without Gaining Fat
To gain muscle you need to consume more calories — but not too many — and therein lies the dilemma.

Your Secret to Burning More Calories at Rest

11. Your Secret to Burning More Calories at Rest
Let’s face it, it’s like money in the bank that’s earning interest as you sleep. But the gains you make from really maxing out are more than mere calories.

About the Author

Sarah Sung

An avid runner, cyclist, swimmer, yogi and all-around gym rat, Sarah has written lifestyle, health and fitness content for publications including AFAR, San Francisco Chronicle, Sonima and UrbanDaddy. In her spare time she teaches indoor cycling in San Francisco and has raced in triathlons in California and Hawaii. Traveling and checking out the latest dining scene are always high on her to-do list.


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