10 Ways to Burn 300 Calories at the Gym

Macaela Mackenzie
by Macaela Mackenzie
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10 Ways to Burn 300 Calories at the Gym

Through good weather and bad, busy schedules and not, the gym is always there for you. While the treadmill might get a bad wrap, it’s actually a trusty machine, and if we can’t convince you to give the treadmill a chance, here are nine other ways to torch 300 calories* in no time.

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*Calorie burn based on 150-pound, 35-year-old woman

About the Author

Macaela Mackenzie
Macaela Mackenzie

Macaela is a writer based in New York City with a passion for all things active. When she’s not writing about the weirdest fitness trends or nutrition news, you can find her conquering her fear of heights at the rock climbing gym, hitting the pavement in Central Park or trying to become a yogi. To see Macaela’s latest work, visit macaelamackenzie.com.


17 responses to “10 Ways to Burn 300 Calories at the Gym”

  1. Avatar ZarethKnyght says:

    Odd, I’ve burned more than 300 calories in 30 half an hour of rowing and that says it takes 45 minutes. Feels like that’s meant to use the rowing to pass time instead of doing it for cardio.

  2. Avatar MsJo Desantos says:

    45 mins of rowing???boring!!!! so many other options in less time

    • Avatar James Clark says:

      Rowing sprints are fun. I like to row hard the first minute, then get off for a minute. Repeat and try to match or beat that first minute. It gets harder as the minutes pile up.

  3. Avatar Kristian says:

    Why can’t you just put the article on one page? I click to see all the slides and it gives me images with no text. I choose the slide I want to read and I’m just sent back to the beginning.

    This outdated spammy method of trying to keep people on site is deeply frustrating. Just let people read what they want to read in one place

    • Avatar Jason says:

      I refuse to read articles that are presented this way. I won’t click past the first page. Agree with you completely.

    • Avatar Holly J says:

      If you select “view all slides” you can just see all the pictures. 🙂 That’s what I did.

  4. Avatar appie says:

    the elliptical seems most correct to me.
    Although the crosstrainer is considered to be overrating in calories.
    It does ask for my weight, so how far off can it be, when it measures input I give in watts ??

    far off or not, if it says 300Kcal in 17m30 when my heart is pounding like mad (1.79m 85kg),
    it can’t be that far off if you ask me. (I do get under 15 minutes occasionally)

    • Avatar J squared says:

      Same for the stair stepper at my gym. The stepper and running are the ones that get my heart pumping the most and very sweaty. I put it up on a high setting alternating with a lower setting, usually burn 475 cal/30 min.

  5. Avatar John Kruger says:

    Very annoying article that makes it difficult to read the content in an attempt to keep you on the page longer.

  6. Avatar Ted_Fontenot says:

    Those are all good. I use to do a lot of spinning classes at my gym. I now do treadmill. I don’t run, but I do bump the incline up to 15 and burn up to 900+ calories in an hour, 430 @ in a half-hour.

  7. Avatar Mark Weber says:

    Trouble is, burning 300 calories causes your appetite to increase so you eat 500 calories! Only diet will get your weight loss. 😉

  8. Avatar jim says:

    I won’t click on anymore sites like this. They just want to get you to see more ads…

  9. Avatar Tom says:

    Um, my trainer told me to use the burn fat setting on the treadmill, put my speed in at 2.5, and allow it to make me walk uphill. It shows that I am burning 500 to 600 calories in an hour time.

  10. Avatar david Reid says:

    This is perhaps one of the most frustrating blogs and sites i’ve encountered. You click and click and click and NEVER get to whatever your point is. Can you delete me from your emails. This is ridiculous!!!! and extremely frustrating

  11. Avatar DitchDiveDiva says:

    I’m not sure why people are having problems viewing this article. Everything is all on one page for me. (I’m on my phone.)

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