10 Simple Food Swaps to Save Calories

by MyFitnessPal
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10 Simple Food Swaps to Save Calories

Whether it’s swapping heavy cream for cauliflower or avocado for butter, cutting just 50 calories per day through simple food swaps can add up to bigger weight loss wins in the long run. Here are 10 simple swaps to try:

Nutrition Bonus: A great swap for pasta and potato salads that also offers a big protein boost.

Nutrition Bonus: A perfect sandwich upgrade that offers more heart-healthy fats and fiber, too.

Nutrition Bonus: Cut over 50 grams of fat by swapping half the oil for applesauce in baking. As a bone-building alternative for applesauce, try dried plum puree!

Nutrition Bonus: Avocado’s creamy texture makes it great for baking while giving baked goods a boost of healthy fats and fiber.

Nutrition Bonus: A great swap for meatloaf or veggie burgers that increases fiber and B vitamins, too!

Nutrition Bonus: Cut calories, carbohydrates and eat more fiber with quick and easy zucchini noodles.

Nutrition Bonus: Puree steamed cauliflower with water, sauteed garlic and a bit of salt for a low calorie alfredo alternative full of fiber and phytochemicals, too.

Nutrition Bonus: Combine cocoa powder and frozen bananas in a food processor for a cool, lower calorie treat with more fiber and phytochemicals.

Nutrition Bonus: Keep the crunch! This simple swap cuts calories and will even give you a few extra grams of fiber.

Nutrition Bonus: A great topping for yogurt that has less added sugar and oil.

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22 responses to “10 Simple Food Swaps to Save Calories”

  1. Avatar Mary says:

    I am allergic to chicken, turkey, soy and msg. All things to help you loose weight. So what can I substitute?

  2. Avatar Wolf Sapp says:

    Very disappointed meal with that much sodium are suggested. Balancing out throughout the day doesn’t justify meals with that much sodium. That’s garbage.

  3. Avatar Dave says:

    Some of these exchanges would destroy a ketogenic diet. Most users should know better if they are on it, but you should also post a disclaimer.

    • Avatar davedave12 says:

      ketogenic = BS

      • Avatar phoenixtommy says:

        Well, Dave, I disagree. A dozen years ago I followed the Atkins Diet religiously. In 23 weeks I lost 71 lbs. and I felt good while on it. Any diet will work if you stay on it. So it is important to find a diet that you can and will stay on.

    • Avatar Porrie says:

      Several of the “swaps” and the original foods associated with the “swaps” aren’t recommended for a ketogenic diet, so you would stay away from either choice anyway.

  4. Avatar Lily says:

    The cauliflower sauce sounds nasty. If I didn’t want the fat and calories of alfredo, I’d just make regular tomato sauce.

  5. Avatar Etet says:

    I truly learned a lot. Thank you. These are also diabetes and heart friendly. We need this.

  6. Avatar HolyFrijoles11 says:

    Yes, make swaps…if you don’t mind your food tasting terrible.

    There’s a reason the French didn’t use this crap.

  7. Avatar USAFPhotog says:

    I will have to give some of these swaps a try

  8. Avatar Kim says:

    I swapped out regular mayo for horseradish (I don’t mind a little kick). It worked wonders and it’s only 15 calories a serving!

  9. Avatar CEN says:

    Canola oil and ice cream? Really? I don’t use them anyway, thus I save even more calories–if that is your goal.

  10. Avatar Margaret Sleeper says:

    Instead of using measuring cups, please give the data in grams or ounces.

  11. Avatar fay says:

    snap pea crisps can no way take the place of potato chips

  12. Avatar Lizz says:

    I prefer to eat less than substitute and who use a half cup canola oil, the zucchini is great instead of the pasta I have been using it a lot lately.

  13. Avatar Carol Boehm says:

    verifactation not working

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