10 Must-Have Apps for Winter Workouts

Demi Tsasis
by Demi Tsasis
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10 Must-Have Apps for Winter Workouts

Winter. When it’s cold, dark and the idea of exercising outside is far less appealing than the idea of wrapping yourself in every blanket you own while attempting hibernation. And there’s all the eating, too. It can be hard to stay motivated when the temperature drops, so I put together this list of (mostly free) apps to help keep us on track to meet our health and fitness goals. Whether you like running in the snow or want a strictly indoor (read: warm) routine, this list has an app for you.

1. pact-iconPact (free, kinda)

Cash for calories burned? Yes, please! Make a weekly Pact to exercise, log meals or even just to eat more fruits and vegetables – and the amount you’re willing to pay if you don’t reach your goal. You’ll earn cash rewards for making your goals, paid by member who don’t reach theirs. How’s that for incentive?


grokker-icon2. Grokker ($9.99 per month)

Looking to take a variety of fitness classes without having to go to a gym (or leave the house)? Sign up for Grokker and you’ll learn from best without getting bored. They have 1000s of premium workout videos! Bonus: You also get access to cooking videos, so you can take that health kick from the living room to the kitchen.


fitstar-icon3. FitStar (iOS only)

Want to get flexible, strong, lean, or just want to get moving this winter? FitStar leads you through easy-to-follow workouts that continually adapt to your capabilities and goals–making it easy to work out anywhere, anytime.



hot5-icon4. Hot5 Fitness (iOS only, free)

Got 5 minutes? Then you have time for a workout! With Hot5 Fitness, you’ll have access to quick, effective mobile workouts videos anywhere. If you’re looking for a more extensive routine, the app also features longer yoga flow and full body sessions.



mapmyfitness-icon-rounded5. Map My Fitness (free)

You can track almost any fitness activity with this app – including skiing! Map My Fitness uses your phone’s GPS to let you know exactly where you are and what elevation you’re at. Make sure to connect the app to your MyFitnessPal account so the calories you burn on the slopes are automatically logged to your diary.


radius-logo6. Radius ($9.99 a month) 

Get access to world-class trainers, personalized fitness programs and unlimited workout options available on any screen, any time, anywhere. Radius acts like a virtual trainer, tracking your progress and celebrating your achievements. Whether you’re just starting to work out or you’re a seasoned pro, there’s a program just for you.


sworkit-icon7. Sworkit Circuit Training (free)

For those of us planning to keep fitness activities strictly indoors until spring, Sworkit has easy to follow no equipment needed workouts with video demonstrations of each move. You can even create custom workouts and challenge your friends to join you via Facebook and Twitter.


miCoach-icon8. Adidas MiCoach (free)

Who doesn’t want to turn their smart phone into a personal fitness coach? MiCoach uses GPS and real-time voice coaching to guide you through your chosen workout routine. Just choose your training plan and you’re off. You can even step it up by pairing the app with one of Adidas’ wearables.


c25k-icon9. C25K, a Couch to 5k Trainer ($1.99)

Are you just getting back into working out? Looking for a way to go from not running at all to
completing a 5k, but don’t want your entire life to be about running? C25K helps slowly build strength and stamina by having you alternate between walking and running. Do the workout 3 times a week, and you’ll be on your way to the finish line in no time.


snow-ski-icon10. OnTheSnow Ski & Snow Report (free)

You’ll want to make sure there’s enough powder on the slopes before you load the car for a ski trip. Use this customizable Ski & Snow Report app to find out how much new snow has fallen and what current conditions are at a specific locations. You can even set powder alerts, so you’re notified when your favorite resort has fresh snow!

About the Author

Demi Tsasis
Demi Tsasis

Demi is a Product Manager for MyFitnessPal. She’s an avid home chef, photographer and proud dog mom.


8 responses to “10 Must-Have Apps for Winter Workouts”

  1. Avatar Zardoz says:

    Why are you suggesting a paid for C25K app when there’s loads of very good free ones out there? Sponsors perchance?

    • Avatar Coach Levi says:

      I’m not sure what all it’s missing, but I found a free version of that same one called C25K® – 5K Trainer FREE.

      They probably listed it at $1.99 in this article so that people wouldn’t start complaining about finding a paid app when they they clicked through. But yes, it says it’s a partner with MyFitnessPal so they’re certainly going to include it!

  2. Avatar Lindsay says:

    I love Adidas micoach!! I’ve been using it to track my runs for 5 years now and the app has improved to even have strength workouts and you can schedule a plan from your phone, don’t even have to go to the website anymore. Loyal user right here, just wish it could be synced to MFP 🙂

  3. Avatar DannielleFarmerona says:

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  4. Avatar Coach Levi says:

    I’d recommend warm clothing but to each his own.

  5. Avatar pd workman says:

    Of these apps, I use Pact, and I sync to my MapMyFitness account (any multiple others) using iSmoothRun. There are plenty of apps that are great for some indoor workouts if you are cooped up inside (Lolo apps, Bodyweight, FitDeck, 7 Minutes, etc.)

    As for running outside, I have found that my iPhone is far more sensitive to the cold when running iOS 8 than whatever version was installed on it last winter (same phone, difference iOS version.) Last year, I could run with the iPhone in my waist pack and it wouldn’t shut off until about an hour+ into a -25C run. Now, by 45 minutes into a -8C run, it is giving a warning and shutting down (paradoxically ‘iPhone must cool down before you can use it’ rather than ‘please warm me up!’) Any temp below about -5C, I have to run with it against my skin to keep it warm enough now.

    So if you are doing outside training in cooler temperatures than the Silicon Valley folks operate in, be sure to keep your phone warm!

  6. Avatar Saintsfanandy says:


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