10-Minute Treadmill Workout for Runners and Walkers

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10-Minute Treadmill Workout for Runners and Walkers

Super instructor and treadmill whisperer David Siik is the creator of Equinox’s Precision Running class. He put together a quick, non-boring indoor running routine that will burn fat and leave you feeling exhausted—but Selfexhilarated! “The inclines are there to tone your legs and lift your butt,” he says. If you’re not ready to trade the track for a treadmill, you can do this routine outdoors—instead of keeping tabs on your speed and incline, think about matching each interval to a different intensity level.

Before you start, check in with your running form. Then, determine your PR (personal record) speed. This will be your max, one-minute sprint speed. Since treadmill training is so different from outdoor training, your one-minute PR speed may be a lot faster than your fastest 5K pace Siik explains. Still not sure what that would look like? Equinox Precision running offers this chart as a reference:

  • 4-6 mph – Beginner runners
  • 6-8 mph – Novice to intermediate runners
  • 8-10 mph – Experienced to advanced runners
  • +10mph – Extremely experienced to elite runners

Armed (er, legged) with your speed guidelines and form tips, you’re now ready to tackle this superhero-creating routine, below. Aim to do it three to four times per week.

treadmill intervals infographic

Warm-Up: Start with a light walk/jog for two to three minutes and do one additional minute of light plyometric exercises performed off the treadmill such as butt-kicks or high knees. Do a few exaggerated running arm swings to prime your shoulders and arms, then hop back on the treadmill and tackle the routine below.

Cooldown: Finish with two to three minutes of jogging at an easy pace.

Speedy intervals. Challenging inclines. You got this.

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