10 Best Healthy Holiday Gifts for People on a Paleo Diet

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10 Best Healthy Holiday Gifts for People on a Paleo Diet

For those of you trying to buy gifts for people following a Paleo Diet—a diet that follows what our early ancestors ate, including meat, eggs, fish, vegetables, mushrooms, fruit, and nuts—you may be at a complete loss. Well, we’ve made it easy for you! Without much ado, here are…

10 Best Healthy Holiday Gifts for People on a Paleo Diet

1. Bulletproof® Coffee Kit

Bulletproof Coffee KitDo you know someone who could use an energy boost? Bulletproof Upgraded Coffee combines coffee, Upgraded Brain Octane Oil™ (from coconut and palm kernels), and unsalted grass-fed butter (or ghee) in order to help increase nutrient absorption, provide powerful energy all day, and even melt body fat. The kit contains two bags of whole bean, Upgraded Coffee (12 oz.) and one bottle of Brain Octane Oil (32 fl oz.).

Price: About $64.95
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Photo credit: Bulletproof

2. Bacon and Eggs!

Bacon and EggsYes, that’s right. Why not stick to the basics and give them something they won’t expect? Organic soy-free eggs from cage-free, pastured chickens are high in Omega 3s and a special treat. And The Original Bacon Kit™ offers everything they need, except the pork belly, to make homemade bacon including: a curing bag, cure, maple sugar, a thermometer, and an instruction sheet. Surprise them with these “upgraded” indulgences!

Price: 4 dozen eggs starting at about $30.99, and $22.99 for The Bacon Kit
Get bacon and eggs.
Photo credit: Finger Candy Media

3. Onitsuka Tiger Shoe by Asics®

Onitsuka Tiger by AsicsFor the person on your list who loves to feel almost barefoot while wearing shoes, check out the Onitsuka Tiger Shoe from Asics. Created in Japan in 1949 and popularized by professional athletes, these comfortable sneakers are available in numerous styles and colors in nylon/suede or leather/suede.

Price: Start at About $70.00
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Photo credit: Zappos

4. Vitamix® Creations II Blender

Vitamix Creations II BlenderDo you have someone on your gift-list who loves to make nut butters and green smoothies? With the Vitamix Creations II Blender, they’ll be blending, juicing, and chopping like a pro in minutes! And with the included, hardcover cookbook, they’ll have 300 new recipes to try!

Price: About $399.00
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5. SKLZ Super Sandbag

SKLZ Super SandbagCrossFit® is popular among those following the Paleo Diet. Why not help them bring this workout home? With the SKLZ Super Sandbag, they’ll get four sandbags and a duffle with six handles for an infinite number of creative, upper and lower body exercises that can be done anywhere.

Price: About $59.99
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Photo credit: Amazon

6. Indow® Blackout Windows

Indow Blackout CurtainsFor those on the Paleo Diet, getting rid of artificial light at night is important. Offer a better night’s sleep with your gift of Indow’s Blackout Windows. With Indow’s custom, laser-measuring system, the blackout insert-panels fit any room to block light, draughts, and 50-70% of noise through the windows.

Price: About $20-$35.00 per square foot.
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Photo credit: Indow

7. Cuisinart® Pressure Cooker

Cuisinart Pressure CookerMany a Paleo has a fondness for bone broths, so why not give them a way to make that broth 70% faster than cooking it on a stovetop? The Cuisinart Pressure Cooker makes it simple with an easy-read digital display, preprogrammed settings, a non-stick cooking bowl, and an automatic, warming-switch feature to avoid overcooking. Plus, the stainless-steel finish looks good in any kitchen!

Price: About $99.95
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Photo credit: Williams Sonoma

8. Linen & Cotton Bowl Covers

Linen & Cotton Bowl CoversNow, you can help your Paleo friends avoid plastic with Linen and Cotton Bowl Covers by Dot and Army. These reusable cloths, made of linen or cotton ticking, have an elastic band that fits snugly over all of their favorite leftovers. With a set of six, they receive two 6.5″, two 8″, one 11″, and one 14″ bowl covers.

Price: About $60.00 for a Set of 6
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Photo credit: Food52

9. Paleo Starter Kit

Paleo Starter KitTrying to find the perfect gift for someone who is just starting a Paleo Diet? Check out the PaleoPax Paleo Starter Kit. It takes the guesswork out of what to eat and introduces them to foods that the “body was built to run on.”

Price: $49.00
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Photo credit: PaleoPax

10. Sharper Image® UV Purifier for Cutting Boards

UV Purifying Cutting Board SystemCutting boards become a necessity when eating more fruits and vegetables. But just how clean are yours? With the UV Purifier for Cutting Boards from Sharper Image, you can ensure your cutting board is bacteria-free. This practical gift includes four cutting boards and two, UV-C lights that kill germs with the push of a button.

Price: About $99.99
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Photo credit: Sharper Image

Natural, Energy-Inducing Gifts for Everyone!

Whether you are buying for someone on a Paleo Diet, or just a friend who likes to exercise and eat well, these gifts will be sure to make them smile. After all, natural foods and simple accessories for an active lifestyle can help anyone feel more energized and healthy!

Did we miss something on our list that you love as part of your Paleo Diet? Please share it with us here.

And for some more ideas to live a healthier and more active lifestyle, check out these blog entries.

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