This Week in Health & Fitness: Fit for Your Age? Take This Test

by Jonah Freedman
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This Week in Health & Fitness: Fit for Your Age? Take This Test

You’re back for more, and so are we. We’re pleased to present another edition of “This Week in Health & Fitness,” the Under Armour Connected Fitness biweekly series in which our editorial team hand-curates the biggest stories, trends and goings-on around the world that will help you on your quest to live a healthy lifestyle. Let’s get back to it.

How Fit Are You for Your Age?

Admit it, you’ve said this line before: “I’m in pretty decent shape for my age.” But are you? How would you know? Across the pond, this piece from The Telegraph has an actual checklist by age group. Did you know that if you’re in your 40s, you should be able to sprint for 60 seconds without stopping? Last one there’s a rotten Gen Xer.

Exercise? Let’s Be Brief

We get it, life is busy. But exactly how short of a workout can you get away with? The New York Times takes on this question. Here at UACF, we preach the benefits of high-intensity interval training over and over. We can’t recommend it enough, especially for the time-constrained.

How About a Museum Workout?

Here’s a best-of-both-worlds situation: Work out while getting a guided tour through fine works of art. It’s a thing, especially if you plan to be in New York soon. “The Museum Workout” is exactly what it sounds like: a 45-minute guided jaunt through the Metropolitan Museum of Art coupled with a brisk cardio session.

Yoga by Candlelight

Could you use a little relaxation with some mood setting? Back in the U.K. again, Virgin Active is offering calm yoga classes — by candlelight. Check out this video review.


Running: Key to Mending a Broken Heart

Was your Valentine’s Day not all it was cracked up to be? It happens. But there is some scientific evidence that lacing up your running shoes and getting out there can actually help combat those negative vibes. has the scoop.

…But Be Careful with the Tunes

Everything in moderation, right? Including studies — one that suggests listening to music or podcasts while you work out can be detrimental to your form, according to Health magazine. Find out whether you’re more at risk of hurting yourself.

Exercise vs. Diet

Wait, shouldn’t that be exercise and diet? Well, yes, you need both for sustained weight loss. But a new study suggests that permanent changes to your diet go much further toward helping you keep the weight off than a regular exercise routine.


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The Ugly Proof for Snackers

We’ve got bad news if you love Doritos — and you know what’s coming. They’re really not very healthy. Check out this breakdown of all 26 ingredients in Doritos Nacho Cheese Tortilla Chips, the conclusion of which deems these munchables “a cheese-dust-covered grenade.”

Baltimore: Near and Dear to Our Hearts

OK, let’s get back to the feel-good stuff. The latest installment of the “Active Girl’s Guide” for healthy travel from Women’s Health hits up Baltimore — aka Charm City and the home of Under Armour’s Global Headquarters. There are some fun recommendations for running, cycling and eating, as well as shoutouts to our own Under Armour Performance Center and the UA Brand House in Harbor East.

Age Is Just a Number, Part III

We’re developing a nice trend here of this final slot going to people doing amazing things deep into their golden years. Last time, it was a 98-year-old yoga instructor. This time, it’s a 105-year-old French cyclist who is setting world records and destroying all preconceived notions of aging. Très impressionnant!


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  • sandy

    That’s funny! I’m 62, female, and can run a 5k in 30 minutes, run a 9 minute mile, ran a four miler in 37 minutes, and ran a half marathon. I can do 30 regular push-ups with out stopping as well as unassisted chinups and dips. Can do 250 pound tricep press, 300 pound squats, 500 pound leg press, 130 pound chest press. (On machines) Come on folks, set your standards a little higher!!

    • Christin

      You’re what I wanna be when I get that age. 33 now, and in better health than when I was 20. Even have the Health Age of an 18-year-old now. Still a work in progress though, always room for improvement.
      So far I have bumped up my single shoulder press to 35 pounds. And can have a total of 80 reps, even with lefty. I’ve even find my joints getting stiff when not lifting for a while.
      I met a lady at work, a customer, your age, who complimented me when I was hauling around 50 lbs on my shoulder on the floor. She said she goes to the gym and lifts and squats weights and everything. Said it wasn’t about getting big muscles when lifting, but being fit and healthy.
      I’ve seen a member post a pic of a trainer who went to her gym. If she didn’t say the woman was 60, I wouldn’t have known. She looked in her 40s and was fit as ever.

      • sandy

        Keep up the great work! When you are my age, you won’t regret a minute of it. Congrats on your success.

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        • Marilee Jikey

          I’m a 74 year old woman. Several years ago I ran a 30 minute 5K but usually my times are around 32-33 minutes. I stretch and work out with light weights. I try and walk at lest 5 miles each day. But if I don’t make a day, what the hay. I also sometimes have a gin & tonic after a run. I guess I could bump my standards up a bit but I enjoy life as is and that’s what’s important to me, underachieving at my best. lol xo

          • Grunting to the oldies

            Marilee you’re proof that you don’t have to get hung up on numbers to maintain a healthy lifestyle. If you and your doctor are happy with your vitals then ’nuff said. Keep up the good work.

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          • BlueCornMoon

            My docs tell me to keep doing what I’m doing; no high blood pressure, heart problems, bone loss, diabetes, arthritis, joint issues, etc ! NEVER STOP MOVING !!’n

    • BlueCornMoon

      You go girl ! I’m in your age group, a fitness walker, newbie runner, hiker, Les Mills Body Pumper, yogini ( female yoga practitioner ) & belong to 2?outdoor enthusiast groups. I’m single, retired, & am revisiting my tomboy childhood !

    • Gracy1955

      Way to go, I am also 62, walk around 12-14km per day, also work out 5 times a week, amd am a PT and Naturopathic Nutritionist, newly qualified in PT… age is just a number, get out there no excuse, if you can sit in a pub for 3-4 hrs and watch TV every evening, then there is NO EXCUSE to getting yourself healthier and fitter, and set GOALS……rock on all 60+

  • Christine

    I’m 65 and need all the help I can get. I need to lose 15 to 20 pounds.