Turn Last Week’s Healthy for the Holidays Fitness Plan Into a Month

by Jessica Smith
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Turn Last Week’s Healthy for the Holidays Fitness Plan Into a Month

It’s a busy time, so we need to keep things as simple as possible. If you joined us last week, just repeat this weekly schedule of one 20-minute workout each day for the next three weeks to stay on track with your health and fitness goals during the month — feel free to add your own workouts whenever you like!

If you’re just seeing this, here’s the recap. There’s never a bad time to join.

Day 1:  Indoor Cardio Workout

Day 2: Total-Body Training

Day 3: A.B.S. (Abs, Back + Stability)

Day 4: Interval Training

Day 5: Stretch + Relax

Day 6: Wild Card Workout (optional)

Try something new! Join a friend for a new fitness class, ski with your partner, speed walk in the mall. Think outside of the box and challenge your body with something different.

Day 7: Active Rest Day

Enjoy a day off but stay active by walking, cleaning, dancing, playing with the kids — and remember: Holiday shopping counts!

Remember to check in on the blog or on social media so we can cheer you on. Tag @MyFitnessPal, and let us know how your workout went!


  • Linette Gauer

    I have joined the Healthy for the Holidays fitness plan HOWEVER . . . I have to change up lots of the exercises as I am, as of October, 40 years old with 36 years experience! In case you are math challenged, that is 76 plus I cannot walk without a walker or (inside) 2 canes! I resolved last January to lose 5 pounds a month and am so far on track as December will, I hope, bring me down 60 pounds going for a grand total of 100 pounds! There was a person some time ago who lost 100 pounds with the challenge of a walker so I know it can be done. I wanted to respond to that blog but never figured out how. Hope I have it figured out now. I know I will have “hangy down” skin and I also know 150 may have looked good on 20 something and will not look as good on 70 something but I am already more healthy which is the real goal. It is wonderful to feel better and have more energy. I move faster and have cut my blood pressure meds in half and other meds have been cut down, too. I love myfitnesspal and my wellness coach and thank you all so much!

    • jessicasmithtv

      So glad you are going to be joining us Linette! Congrats to you on all of your hard work and accomplishments. And please do modify, adjust or do your own workouts to make sure you are doing what is best for your body. Feel free to check in with us along the way so we can cheer you on 🙂 Please keep up the great work you are doing taking care of your body and your health!

  • Rachel

    I am definitely going to join this schedule. I love the workouts with Jessica Smith, she is amazing! Thank you so much for these schedules. For me it really helps to have a ‘why’. Why do you want to exercise? This motivates to really stick with the schedule.

    • jessicasmithtv

      That’s a really great tip Rachel, thanks so much for sharing 🙂 I agree, knowing your WHY, or having a deeper reason to find time to fit in a workout, can help you stay much more motivated — especially on busy days. So glad you are joining us for the plan. Hope to see you for a session soon!

  • Nilda Miller

    OMGSh Jessica you are one amazing woman. I will ck this whole page out later tonight.

  • Cathie

    I discovered your videos about 2 months ago. I have tried a number of others, and didn’t find the same enjoyment I get from “working out with you ” your videos are challenging enough to work up a good sweat. It can be too easy to not push yourself when you work out at home, it your videos provide the instruction and motivation I needed. Thank you Jessica

  • Theresa Brown

    I have been doing Jessica’s workouts for over a year, and in spite of some challenges with joints have always found them challenging. But I wish she would put out her weekly workouts again. I often did harder workouts than I probably would have chosen, had they not shown up on her weekly schedule! It really helped me avoid the dreaded “plateau.” But this goal of staying active and being healthy for the holidays will motivate me to get moving more in the new year if I know I’m not starting from behind.