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August 16, 2017

6 Amazing Sites for Streaming Yoga Classes

Finding the perfect fitness class can turn you into Goldilocks. You need the right location, the right class, the right instructor, the right time ... It's not that you're being picky — the more...
August 4, 2017

On My Mat: Inside the Mind of a Yoga Teacher

Yoga is a powerful antidote for stress and anxiety because it grounds us in the present moment. Practicing mindfulness — and presence — on our mat helps clear out the constant mental chatter that...
July 28, 2017

Yoga for Core Power | 5-Pose Yoga Fix

Sure, you may know that building core strength improves balance and can alleviate low-back pain, but the real reason we quiver through plank is because it tones and defines our abdominal muscles....
July 26, 2017

Is Yoga Cardio?

Yoga is an ancient practice for the body and mind. The most commonly practiced style of yoga in western culture is hatha. Hatha yoga benefits flexibility, balance, coordination and weight control...