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July 30, 2017
The 14-Day Plank Plan

The 14-Day Plank Plan

You already know the plank is a great core exercise. So we’re adding plank variations to amp up your training, target your midsection from different angles to test your muscles (and your...
April 8, 2016

5 Minutes to a Stronger Core with Planks

Planks hit more than just your core muscles. A proper plank requires plenty of glute strength, shoulder stability and upper back endurance, so these simple exercises are deceivingly effective at...
December 31, 2015

5-Minute, 5 Move Total Body Workout

Firm your abs, legs, butt and more with these pumped-up planks. What: Plank. But better than plain plank. Trainer David Kirsch adds moves so you bonus-tone other body parts for an allover workout....
September 18, 2015

10-Minute Basic Ab Workout [Video]

Strengthening your abdominal muscles helps decrease and prevent back pain. These muscles are also responsible for your posture and your form (think: how you walk, jog, or just move in general). When...
August 25, 2015

7-Minute Routine to Improve Mobility

Have you ever found yourself in the middle of a workout and unsure of why you’re putting yourself through all this torture? They say that working out is good for you, but what’s the point,...