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Share the Health

Sharing your fitness journey is a great way to get and give support and inspiration. Letting your network of friends know how you’re doing may just increase your motivation and chances of success, because it feels good to get cheers!

It’s easy to share your fitness activities on either Twitter or Facebook. You’ll have to be on a computer to link your account to Twitter, but you can do the Facebook connecting using your mobile app.


1. Log in to your MFP account (mobile app users should log in using the same username and password they use in the app)

2. Once you’ve logged in, click My Home, then Settings, then Facebook/Twitter sharing settings.

3. Click Autopost updates to Twitter. You’ll be asked to provide your Twitter username and password to authenticate the account. Once the site is authorized to post to Twitter, you can select what kinds of MyFitnessPal activity you consider tweet-able.


Note: If you have the Facebook app installed on your device, please ensure it is updated to the latest version before connecting your MyFitnessPal account. Also, you’ll have to set your Diary to Public in order for updates to post to Facebook.

1. Web

  • Log into your account on our website at Mobile app users should log in using the same username and password they use in the app.
  • Click My Home, then Settings, then Facebook/Twitter sharing settings, and click Connect in the Facebook section.
  • Authorize the connection between your MyFitnessPal and Facebook accounts.

2. iPhone and iPad 

  • Tap More, then Settings, then Facebook Settings, then Connect to Facebook.

3. Android 

  • Open the Menu Drawer and tap Settings, then tap Facebook Settings, then Connect to Facebook.

4. Windows Phone 8 

  • Go to the More page, tap Settings, then Connect to Facebook.

If you have problems just hit up the support team at:

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See you on the social scene!

The MyFitnessPal Team


  • KathleenFentonMD

    But my workouts are still not posting. They stopped posting two or three weeks ago. I want my exercise to post, because it motivates my friends.

    • chris

      have you tried clearing all your spam mail ect….?

      • KathleenFentonMD

        No – didn’t even think of that. I read on MFP that they changed the postings so that they will only post if your diary is made public. I don’t want my diary public, mostly for professional reasons. I mean, I don’t mind if my exercise diary is public but I don’t want my food diary public. I would like them to change it back!

      • KathleenFentonMD

        Hey I played with this today. I temporarily opened my diary to public, logged my exercise and it posted on FB. Then I reclosed my diary LOL. I hope they change it back. It’s not the spam.

  • Lettie Easton

    I see that there is sharing for weight loss but not for weight gain… Is this something you might add in the future?

  • manuel

    I used to share or sync. my two apps which are my fitness pal and runkeeper. I loved that after running my calories were sync with my fitness pal and now it doesn’t do it. Can anybody help how to fix this issue I have an iphone 5 and before the new update system on the iphone my two apps were working fine. Thanks

  • elizabeth


    • beebop

      swiggity swag