Portobello Pesto Pizza

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Portobello Pesto Pizza

Pizza lovers looking to cut back on calories (or carbs) should try out this portobello pesto pizza by Cook Smarts. Savory mushroom topped with fresh tomatoes, savory pesto and stringy mozzarella makes a great option for a vegetarian meal. The pesto can be made in a food processor or you can visit Cook Smarts for a video on how to make hand chopped pesto.

CookSmarts-Logo-Red-1x1-500pxCook Smarts creates a range of educational cooking tools and information to empower and inspire home cooks. Visit their website for a range of free cooking resources, simple recipes, and delicious weekly meal plans. Follow their adventures in healthy cooking onFacebookPinterest & Instagram.

Photo courtesy of Cook Smarts. Original recipe published by Cook Smarts.