MyFitnessPal Progress Photos: See and Celebrate Your Success

by Glennis Coursey
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MyFitnessPal Progress Photos: See and Celebrate Your Success

Break out the selfie stick. You can now add Progress Photos to your MyFitnessPal account!

Here at MyFitnessPal, there’s nothing that gets us more excited than seeing our users make positive steps toward their health goals. We already allow you to keep track of your weight and measurements in the app, but wanted to take things one step further.

Progress Photos allow you to see a visual history of your achievements. Looking back at pictures of how your body has changed is a great way to stay motivated. Progress Photos are also a great excuse for taking pictures of yourself in the mirror at the gym.

You also have the option to share your Progress Photos on social media. By sharing your own achievements, you may inspire the people you care about to start living healthier lives. Your photos are private unless you choose to share them, so don’t worry if sharing isn’t your thing.

Without further ado, here’s how you can get started using the Progress Photos feature today:

Add a New Progress Photo

When you’re updating your current weight, you now have the option to include a Progress Photo. Just tap the camera icon to add the photo either before or after choosing your weight. If you’re not in a good spot for taking a photo (ex: the DMV, your cousin’s wedding), you can always go back and add one later.

iOS_Weight_Picker android progress photos 1

Add Progress Photos to Previous Weight Entries

If you’ve taken Progress Photos in the past, they now have a place to call home in MyFitnessPal. To add Progress Photos to previous weight entries, simply open the progress screen and add the photo to the date of your choosing. Voilà—you now have a visual record of your MyFitnessPal health journey.

image 2     image 2 android

Compare Photos in the Progress Gallery

Now it’s time to have some fun! In your Progress Gallery, you can compare all of your Progress Photos side-by-side. You’ll be able to quickly and easily see how your body has changed as you’ve worked toward your health goals. We like to think of it as an instant before-and-after picture maker.

image 3     image 3 android

Share Your Progress Photos

If you’d like to share your Progress Photos, we give you the flexibility to pick which photos to use, the text that appears under the photo and the layout of the photo. You’ll also get to choose where you’d like the photo shared. You can post the photo to social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram or send it using text message and email.

image 4     image 4 android

Coming soon

Enjoy Progress Photos on iOS and Android today. This feature is rolling out slowly, so don’t worry if you don’t see it in the app yet.


  • This is a phenomenal addition. Many times it is easy to lose sight of how far you have come in a fitness cycle.

  • Jenny N

    Nice one MyFitnessPal!

  • Vincent

    Is there also an easy option to also make the side by side progress pic your profile picture/avatar image?

    • Aj

      You could take a screen shot

  • Meghan

    Does this mean mfp owns the photos and can use them without our permission? Hmmmm

  • Good feature (and service) overall — so I am disappointed to see this highly visual feature illustrated with clearly manipulated photos. This man’s “after” photo has a slight hourglass waist and squished skull and glasses. Please don’t propogate unrealistic body imagery…and worse, bad Photoshop work.

    • Bethany

      Good point! I do web design for a living and didn’t notice the glasses or squished face. But it’s so obvious. Hahaha this is why I work with the web and use illustrator instead of Photoshop.

    • Ali

      I don’t think it’s Photoshopped, I just think it’s a bad photo.

  • Endeara

    Really excited about the addition, but haven’t seen the update on my Android app. Updated my weight, but no option to add a photo. Any suggestions?

  • David Barr

    Great feature and great documentation here.

  • Daniel

    How do you delete a photo that you have added?

    • Daniel

      I figured it out on the iPhone. Slide to the left and there is a “remove photo” tab.

      • Rebecca Banayan Lieberman

        I tried this 100X every way imaginable and nothing happens, no “remove photo” or any other options. Can you share some screen shots or more detailed instruction because it simply cannot be found.

        • Daniel

          On iPhone, open MyFitnessPal and go to Progress. Find the weigh-in entry that has the photo you want to remove and slide just that entry to the left past the delete option and you should see a grey option that says “remove photo”. I’m on IOS 10+.

  • Lena Landmine

    Am I missing something? I can’t find this on my app at all. Is it for those who have paid upgrades only?

    • Endeara

      They say it’s rolling out a bit slow, so not everyone has access to it yet. Just keep an eye out for it, I guess.

      • Meesh

        Interesting. I noticed I’m not able attach a photo to my weight either. I hope they let us know when it’s available to everyone who paid for the premium ap!

    • Texan99

      I can’t see it yet, either, not in my regular account or in my “beta.”

  • Julie Mayhew

    Is this a premium-only feature?

  • Ryan Chapman

    Nice feature, I hope they add in the ability to add multiple pictures per weigh in so you can see yourself from more than one angle.

  • Kenneth

    I’m still not able to attach photos, am I missing something?

    • fjdeschamps

      down your screen, click “progress”. That’s it.

  • The expansion of advancement photographs to the MyFitnessPal application takes into account people to see their prosperity, additionally takes into consideration different people to give support or congrats.

  • Are the photos stored in the app’s data on IOS? Are the images automatically uploaded to our private profile on the actual website? Basically, how does the images storage work for the app/website?

  • blah

    The ratio/resolution on this is terrible. I try to post some pics but it just chops off my head.

    • Sarah Moschenross

      Same! I post photos of my progress each week it just chops off my head every time. I’ve tried standing closer and farther away- doesn’t seem to matter.