MapMyFitness Syncs Up with MyFitnessPal

by MyFitnessPal
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MapMyFitness Syncs Up with MyFitnessPal

You asked and we listened! Today we are very excited to announce our newest partner, MapMyFitness.

MapMyFitness is the maker of a collection of fitness tracking apps, allowing you to track over 600 types of activities, including MapMyRun, MapMyRideMapMyWalk and MapMyFitness–and now they’ve all been integrated to sync with your MyFitnessPal exercise diary!


All MapMyFitness apps use built-in GPS technology to provide you the ability to map, record, and share your exercise routes and workouts in an online database and with your friends. Their online database also allows you to search over 150 million global routes to find new places to exercise, whether you are in your own neighborhood or on a trip! You can also check the leaderboard for specific routes to see how your time compares to others and try to beat them!


Through the new partnership with MyFitnessPal, all of the calories burned and workout details tracked with any of the MapMyFitness apps will automatically sync to your exercise diary! The MapMyFitness app’s fitness tracking coupled with the direct syncing to MyFitnessPal makes it way easier to see a complete view of your day.

MapMyFitness’ suite of apps is compatible with web, iOS, Android, and Blackberry, so it is easy to check and use anywhere. Go to the MyFitnessPal app page now to learn how to connect your MapMyRunMapMyRideMapMyWalk or MapMyFitness apps now!


  • Megan

    What if we are also synced with Fitbit? Will MFP be able to prevent double-counting burned calories?

    • Jillian

      Where do you link with your Fitbit? I can’t find it?!

    • Brandi Starr

      You would need to logg in the MapMy app, let that push to MyFitnessPal and let MyFitnessPal push to FitBit. That will prevent double counting.

  • Andrew

    Really glad you guys decided to add this in. I had just downloaded the app yesterday actually, so perfect timing 🙂

  • shani

    my workout is not syncronised yet

  • ScottH_200

    After going to their website, I discovered they have a lot of “MapMy”….whatever apps. One includes MapMyWalk. That one seemed to appeal to me more than the others.

    It is a cool app that works off your phone’s GPS. The interface is simple to use and the available features are pretty nice. After setting up your profile, age, weight, gender, etc., you’re ready to roll.

    The feature I like is the ability to to create my own route, or have the app create one for me based on my location, distance of the walk I want to take, etc. Once it has your location, you can just keep flipping through different routes until you find the one you want. You can send the route to your phone and when you’re ready to walk, start it and it maps your time, speed, calories burned, etc. You can then save the route for future use as well as sync it to MFP for automatic posting and logging of the exercise.


  • Curt W White

    Thank you I love this app. I guess now I need to get the pro version

  • Barbara Imhoff Dye

    It synced my hike today…but said it did Rock climbing instead of hiking!

    • Jack Langowski

      Which makes me curious how they map a MMF workout type to a MFP cardiovascular or strength exercise. I see that MMF has “Hike” for a workout while MFP has 3 “Hiking, [some distinction]” exercises. My walk today got rated correctly for the average speed I attained, so there is some selectivity based on the data provided from MMF. I wonder if your pace was such that it got selected for rock climbing since there was no exact text match on the exercise and the mapping logic took over.

  • chantell condon

    YEAH im single again

  • Wade

    What about syncing with Strava? That’s where I log my cardio. Any progress there?

  • Gretchen Hill

    Finally! Thanks for sharing this!

  • Paul

    Any chance of linking with WorkIt? They would most likeley need a bit of development for this to happen. I use that to track my strength training

  • Amy

    So, this sync works, strictly speaking. However, it will import in exercises incorrectly. For example, “Body Pump” (inputed into Map) comes in as something completely different with way too many calories. I think the problem lies in how the different exercises are listed in the two different companies, so I’m not sure if that’s fixable without a mutual standardized exercise/calorie list. Until that happens though, this is pretty useless.

  • Rahsaan Tyler

    It appears that that Mapmyrun or whatever variation you have doesn’t sync to Myfitnesspal. So if I put my food intake and workouts on here then it sync’s to Mapmyrun…… me that defeats the purpose. Myfitnesspal database is better for food but Mapmyrun is better for exercise I think it should work both ways not the way it’s configured now.

  • Jack Langowski

    Awesome! Thank you! I’ve been a MFP and MMF user for 3 years now and asked for this integration over a year ago. Good things come to… I just synched my first workout after connecting the accounts. Worked like a charm (though it did round my minutes up to the whole integer, which is fine). Three cheers!

  • CharMarBoBar

    Now, if only they could get MFP and MMR to work with my Z10 🙁 Still waiting on that one.

  • Roy

    Endomondo and MMF was synching till 2 days ago. Wrote to them, waiting for a reply.

  • ronanvance

    What do I need to do to get the food I enter into the food diary from MyFitnessPal to appear in MapMyFitness nutrition log? The MyFitnessPal food database and search capabilities are vastly superior to MapMyFitness.

  • Jacqui

    I cannot get my MapMyFitness and MFP accounts to sync. The MapMyFitness app says it is connected to my MFP account, but the workout I logged today (treadmill) on MapMyFitness does not show up in my MFP account.

    Anyone else have this issue? Both of my Apps are up to date.

    • Steve

      Yes. I’m having the same issue. Any resolution?

    • Jenna

      same problem. very frustrating! any news?

  • Jonathan H. Lemaster

    Awesome! Thank you so much for working together with MapMyFitness. These are 2 of my most used apps and syncing between the 2 has been a great time saver. Many blessings!

  • Laurence Carr

    What about Garmin integration with MFP? People have been requesting this for years now…

  • Ted

    Does the ops work with a Garmin Forerunner?

  • Ucialum85

    Kinda funny that MFP is touting the automatic synching with Map My Fitness but it hasn’t been working the last couple of days. Great timing!

  • Ann P

    MapMyRun has been successfully syncing with MYFitnessPal for weeks, now I get this message.

    Refresh failed. Please contact technical support.

    – this message appears on the MapMyFitness sync page and my records are not appearing in MyFitnessPal.

  • Ann Earle

    I am new to this and have yet to fully figure out the options on my fitnesspal and I do not understand how mapmyfitness works. You cliam it works on android etc.I have a tablet, not a smartphone and I do not walk with my tablet! Therefore if it works like a gps then it is useless to me,right?

  • Tricky ernie’s

    Can’t get this to work on blackberry. Does anyone know if it is possible on BB? Ta

  • Kathy Johnson

    Yay! This works awesome for me. THANK YOU!!!

  • JamieDD

    So this app won’t work if you don’t have cell service?

  • Deb

    I am not able to get the product scanner to work in MyFitness Pal. Is there something special I need to download?

  • Oshy

    I love the Nike running is the best app

  • Samantha

    I have the same problem with the sworkit app. It says it syncs and never does. I stopped using it because of that.

  • Debi Wong-Brennen

    Sad to say I think I’ll be going back to my Runtastic app. I used this one for two fast walks home from work and the GPS tracker was zigzaging ALL OVER THE PLACE. It said I walked for 3.4 miles over the span of about 4 straight city blocks. Seriously. I’ve walked the exact same distance using the Runtastic app and never had that issue. What gives?

  • BrodyBar

    MapMyRide and MFP have been working up until this week, and now I am not getting any of my workouts/data imported. Have disconnected both and reconnected but no luck. Both show successful sync, but no information.

  • Jonathan Encarnacion

    My map my run works outs are not going over to the my fitness pal app; the map my run says I am connected. Can anyone shed some insight?

  • Kzo0620

    So.. If I am starting T25 tomorrow, should I log it under map my fitness, my fitness pal or just let my fitbit cover it? I’m confused.

  • Cameran

    I can’t get mapmyfitness to log my run to MFP…am I doing something wrong? THey say they are connected

  • Cameran

    I can’t get mapmyfitness to log my run to MFP…am I doing something wrong? THey say they are connected

  • cookie

    Sync isn’t working..unless I’m not doing it correctly? I activated the “connect” on both apps. Mapmywalk says all workouts are synced but nothing shows up in MyFitnessPal. iPhone 4S,any ideas?

  • Barb-NorfVA

    MapMyWalk says all my workouts are synced but nothing shows up in MyFitnessPal Looks like this is an ongoing issue. Has any solution or cause been found?

  • frustrated

    mapmyride+ doesnt sync with myfitnesspal. this app sucks

  • Sextyatsixty14

    Has anyone found how to synch MapMyWalk and MyFitnessPal yet please? It used to be but suddenly stopped

  • Anna maria

    I downloaded the fitbit app 4 days ago and attached it to map my run. Ever since then, when I run the route of my run isn’t accurate and doesn’t record. An example is yesterday I went for a 1.4mild run and only 0.8 recorded. Does anyone else have this problem.

  • WhitingLikeTheFish

    I’m having a problem with duplicate posts to MFP from MapmyDogWalk and MapMyFitness Apps. Any suggestions?

    • Cindy

      I have the same problem with MapmyWalk. I was looking here for answers – it always puts it in twice.

  • JulzMusic

    I tried to connect the two apps and it takes me out of MFP to MMF or MMR and then I try to connect from those apps, it briefly shows MFP and a little spinning wheel suggesting it’s trying to sync and then never does.
    So MFP and the MM series just shows as ‘disconnected’ am I doing something wrong?

  • John Reiland

    If I am using MFP to track my calories and have apple health keeping track of my steps what happens when I use mapmywalk? Are the steps doubled? This morning I walked for 15.57 minutes and MMW says 82 calories. In MFP under cardio it shows 2 entries. Walking 3.0 mph mod, mod pace walking 16 mimutes. And below that it says walking 2.5 mph, leisurely ace 16 min. Both show 82 calories burned and recorded on my diary goal 164 calories burned. That looks doubled.
    Any help???

  • Lena

    I have “yoga” listed on mapmyfitness workout, when I hit save, it syncs to myfitnesspal as calisthenics. It has listed other workout types wrong as well. Is there anything I can do to make it sync the correct type of workout?????

  • Paul Loebe

    Amazing! This doesn’t work at all! Congrats you suck!

  • Carole

    Used mapmywalk for a couple of years now, but last 2 walks I did, distance and steps is OK but is showing a route map from a walk I did a couple of weeks ago, has done this twice now, don’t understand!