Make your workouts your own with FitStar

by MyFitnessPal
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Make your workouts your own with FitStar

MyFitnessPal and FitStar have teamed up to create a more comprehensive health ecosystem to help you stay motivated and challenged in your quest to get and stay in great shape. FitStar transforms your iPad/iPhone into a personal trainer, by using data about your body to create custom exercise routines you can actually accomplish. You can follow along with expert instruction from high-profile trainers like Tony Gonzalez as FitStar continues to adjust future workouts based on your evolving ability and performance.

By syncing your FitStar account with MyFitnessPal, you can track your progress and calories burned within MyFitnessPal to get a more complete picture of your health!



The app is available on iTunes for free. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch and is optimized for iPhone 5.

Want to connect FitStar to your MyFitnessPal account? Simply click here to download, register, and/or connect our services.


  • anfb1984

    would love this to add to my myfitness pal account, but my my 4th gen ipod doesn’t have the software to support the app! will this be fixed soon???

  • Ann


  • Sammniamii

    Really getting sick of no ANDROID support for ALOT of the fitness related things – both supported HERE on MFP & in general. Not everybody is a Apple supporter, many of us use Android, Windows and even a few Blackberrys. Stop offering iPhone only stuff people, they AREN’T the only game out there.

    • MS. Yorl

      You need to get an ANDROID developer to make the app. Can’t really blame MFP if there are other fitness app’s you use maybe you could write to MFP and ask them to link up with the fitness app you use?

    • teamAmelia

      Agree w Yorl. Supposedly, it’s more complicated to develop for Android bc there are so many different phones. Besides, I have tonnnns of fitness apps on my Android. Are you searching the Android Play store/marketplace? Just search for fitness apps. Nike and Adidas have one, too, and all of the apps that I have are free.

  • Lauren Thompson

    I agree! EVERYTHING is for the Iphone. Get some ANDROID apps PLEASE! I refuse to buy ANYTHING Apple, so I will NEVER own an Apple Iphone.

  • glowgirl14

    Yup. Also would love to try this, but can’t stand Apple products. Have a Samsung phone and a Samsung tablet. Too bad. 🙁

  • Gretchen Hill

    Is it available on Android?

  • Snoopyjet

    Also Windows Phone users woul love some apps like that. There are more of us out there than you thought!

  • Paulie ‘Ma’ Williams

    I do have an iPhone but I can’t get it to work anyway. I contacted iTunes and they wrote me back with some long detailed message how to try to fix it but I’m too old too figure it out LOL The exercises would have probably been too difficult for me but I wanted to try. Que sera!

  • We just launched the free MyMuscle app on Android and iOS. Not the same as FitStar but great place to find motivation for your fitness.

  • zsusko

    I had an iPhone and I really – really miss this app… 🙁