Improve Your Running with This Simple Workout (It’s Great for Non-Runners, too!)

by Runtastic
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Improve Your Running with This Simple Workout (It’s Great for Non-Runners, too!)

Hey all you runners! Lacing up your sneakers isn’t the only thing you should be doing to improve your running. It’s important to cross-train to create better muscle balance and boost your stamina and form. This simple workout from Runtastic’s fitness coach Lunden Souza will do just that.

Not a pavement pounder? These moves are great for non-runners, too! They improve your core, build strength, and develop overall muscle balance, coordination, and control.

The Workout

  • 20 Squats (add dumbbells to increase the intensity)
  • 20 Side Lunge and Reach (add dumbbells to increase the intensity)
  • 10 Push-Ups
  • 12 Marching Bridges
  • 20 Lunge to High Knee
  • 10 Jump Squats

Go through all of the exercises with little to no rest in between. Then rest at the end for 1 to 2 minutes (or until you’re able to catch your breath and can hold a conversation). Repeat the circuit 3 to 5 times.


  • guest

    Maybe I’m being really stupid, but it doesn’t say how this improves running? Is it just your stamina?

    • Michael

      Building leg strength and core strength will contribute to your running improvement. Of course the cardio is good also.

    • Tim Carey

      I used to do nothing but run run run. Kept getting injured (knee/hip from IT issues). Hired a trainer about a year ago, told him my goal to run a marathon. He had me doing pretty much all of these type of core/balance exercises. After about 6 weeks of this, he put me on the treadmill for some short sprints. I was stomping my feet so he told me to “run lighter” … had NO idea what he was talking about so he told me to run with my core … and BOOM, I felt like I instantly lost 20 pounds, no knee/hip injuries since.

      • Jennifer Tuohey

        That is awesome! I am a beginner runner, I want to run a Marathon next year. Is Hiring a trainer better or following these exercises would do the trick?

        • Tim Carey

          Well, a good trainer would have you on your own routine, specifically for you. Mine just happened to be very similar to this, because the goals were similar. I think the best idea would be to hire a trainer for just a consultation (1-3 sessions). Let him/her know what your goals are, and ask to get on a program that you can manage on your own. Definitely cheaper than working with one 3-4 times per week!

  • Kelli

    Do we do side lunges to right 20 then left 20? And same for lunges

    • Amine Dubstep

      Yes, side lunges are 2 sets of 20, so right 1 left 1 = 1… Right 2 left 2 = 2 and so on!
      Hope this helped..
      After perfecting this workout. Try to increase your sets by 5 so 25 sets of side lunges and make sure to time yourself, to improve yourself

      • kelli

        Any idea about how many calories this burns? I’m really clueless on how to know, and I don’t have a heart rate monitor:(

  • Joshua

    I should really do these but I’m afraid I’ll blow my knees across the room.

  • EiramAnna GB

    I dont run just do power walk/walking…can there be better workout other than those lunges?

  • Sarah-Ha

    I started doing this workout a few days ago… And I can already feel my legs and core becoming stronger! I didn’t realize how many muscles I wasn’t working on!

  • Mike Keller

    I’m afraid those were pretty poor squats and push ups in the video. Way too much bending over (with feet way too far apart and back swayed) in the squats. Too much sway back (causing belly to hang low) in the push ups. That’s not going to work your core if you don’t tense those stomach muscles.

  • Jozga

    How many times a week should we do these ? I’m a 1/2 marathoner working g in I proving pace and strengthening my core.

  • Terri Andrade

    should we do these exercises pre run or post?

  • Jill Herbert

    Im 56 and have run my whole life… Usually limit my runs to 3 miles. When i was in my 20s and had issues with my achilles my doctor told me to quit running…

  • WMS

    Great workout for a person that has been sedentary for a long time!

  • Lazz

    This is an amazing workout. I run and do Hot Yoga and have done these twice now and am feeling muscles I never knew I had!