HIIT for Beginners Week 2: Bodyweight Strength Circuit

by Jessica Smith
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HIIT for Beginners Week 2: Bodyweight Strength Circuit


Today’s session features a body weight-only interval training strength circuit that can easily be done in a small space at home. In the workout video below, we’ll focus on multimuscle moves designed to bring your heart rate up while also building strength and endurance. Listen to your body throughout the sessions, and modify or skip any moves that are too much for your current fitness level. (I’ll also provide options throughout the routines to help you make it work for you.)


This workout can be logged as “Calisthenics” in your MyFitnessPal app.

Tell us when you’ve completed this week’s workout. Share it in the comments below, or tag us in your checkins @MyFitnessPal so we can cheer you on!


Day 1: HIIT for Beginners: Body-Weight Strength Circuit

Day 2: Moderate-Intensity Cardio (walking, cycling or try this steady-state session)

Day 3: Active Rest Day

Day 4:  Total-Body Strength Training (try this 30-minute session)

Day 5: Stretching or Flexibility Work (try this 8-minute total-body stretch)

Day 6: HIIT for Beginners: Walking Intervals

Day 7: Active Rest Day

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  • amanda

    just finished today’s workout! worked up a sweat! that was awesome!

  • Shelly D-W

    Terrific! Positive!

  • DeeDee

    Finished day 1… I was sweating up a storm!!

  • Pushup McShoulderpants

    Don’t do push-ups like he photo shown. You’ll end up with a shoulder injury. She should move her elbows closer to her torso

  • Maureen

    Just finished week 2s workout! Like the addition of the circle timer and exercise name showing. 2 circuits of 3 body weight exercises is great!

  • Mary Anne

    Thank you for this!! Love that there is modifications and rest periods. This is great for getting back into a workout routine.

  • jessicasmithtv

    Way to go team! How is everyone doing with week 2 so far?

    • Marilee M.

      Good good! Thank you Jessica!

    • Amalia Demopoulos

      How do you enter the HITT program in MFP to get the correct calories burned for exercise.

      • jessicasmithtv

        This workout can be logged as “Calisthenics” in your MyFitnessPal app.

        • Amalia Demopoulos

          Thanks. Loving it

  • amanda

    just finished today’s workout but wanted to confirm I did the right one as it was called 1st day of fall or something like that. Also, I skipped yesterday as I went to the gym for boot camp!

    • jessicasmithtv

      Great job Amanda!

  • Elizabeth

    This is the first workout I have done that I actually stuck with! I love it and have managed to fit it easily into my day despite being a mom of 3 kids age 4 and under!!
    Would beginner yoga count as flexibility training?

    • jessicasmithtv

      Great job Elizabeth! So glad you are joining us for this plan 🙂 And yes beginner yoga would definitely count as flexibility training. Keep up the awesome work! See you for another session soon.

  • Marilee M.

    Yay – Week 2 done! Great workouts – absolutely perfect for me and my busy schedule. Thank you! Quick question. What do you see as an “Active Rest Day”?

  • Amy

    Done week 2 and down 5 pounds. Im really enjoying this program.

  • Christy Rodgers

    I did the circuit. It wasn’t as intense as the circuit class at the gym where we do one minute on steps and then a minute on machines. I did sweat a lot and shook some during this one. Does that mean I did enough exercise ?

  • Joanne

    Is this safe to do for a 64 yr old woman?

  • Sarah

    Wow. Started week two and I have done day one… kicked my @$$. Love it!

  • Sandy

    What walking interval are we supposed to do in WEEK 2! The same one we did in Week 1???

  • Blessed Being

    I really enjoyed the week 1 walking HIIT, though it seemed a bit easy, so I tried the kickboxing one–way more intense. The knee strikes had me feeling nauseous, so I had to slow them down. I would recommend changing “Stay with me” to “Stay with it” since not all exercisers can match your pace, but can keep moving at their level.

  • Blessed Being

    That last comment should have been done on the Week 3 discussion, but I’m brand new to this site & this series. Tried to do the bodyweight strength circuit here; with joint issues I couldn’t go fast on squats and lunges, and the inch worm hurt my wrists, so 2nd time through did it on fists, but still strained elbows. Tried pushups on a table, since no free wall space at right height due to furniture, but again wrists and elbows started hurting again–badly, so while I could do the next 2 moves, I was frustrated to the point of tears, so just gave up at that point. Again on the “Stay with me” comment: she had just reminded us to go at our own speed to be safe (actually she talked about good form, but safety might be a better warning), then soon after gives us the conflicting message to keep up with her–which is what “stay with me” means to me. May try other workout links from this & other weeks, but won’t attempt this routine again.

  • Melanie Vincell Brown

    Just finished this workout for day 1 week 2. Planks and pushups are not my friend…yet lol. Andi have terrible balance with lunges but I’m persevering and really enjoying these workouts!

  • Cpierce

    I would be interested in your 6 week set if it is digital. Any chance of that? 🙂