Fitness Funny: 80’s Aerobics Champion Video

by MyFitnessPal
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Fitness Funny: 80’s Aerobics Champion Video

We can’t help but smile watching this awesome United States Aerobic Champion video. Remember when working out required short shorts and leotards? Not only did people break a sweat back then, they pitted their choreographed routines against one another’s in friendly competition. Swipe some of these steps and hit the studio this weekend—we dare you not to have fun!


  • 80s Lady

    It seems like a parody, not real….only its very real, and I remember this–gulp, wore a leotard too with tights with leg warmers sigh. Just seems so silly now, I wonder what zumba will look like in 30 years…Richard Simmons & Jane Fonda….oh and that guy on the beach with all the bikini girls..remember him–Gil I think his name was…Olivia Newton John–Lets get physical LOL

  • Vicki Maheu


  • Mamagroves

    I actually competed in the regionals in 1989 and another year earlier! Had friends that made it to the nationals! We were the Zumba cool of the 80s! bwhahaha! This made my day!

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