Couch Potato No More: 21 Quotes That Will Inspire You to Move

by MyFitnessPal
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Couch Potato No More: 21 Quotes That Will Inspire You to Move

No matter how dedicated you are, we all need a little extra push from time to time. We asked followers on MyFitnessPal’s Facebook page for their favorite motivational quotes that keep them going. Here are 21 of our favorites that will inspire and power you through 2017.


  • arboreal

    This is not true. If one gets an injury while exercising, it is very hard to get started again after recovering. “I shouldn’t have done that workout” certainly comes to mind in that situation.

  • Garnet S

    Why does this article contain truncated social media postings? A little effort, please.

  • Vicki

    Why the heck has someone “written an article” where they’ve basically just taken photos of people’s status updates? You can’t even see all of picture/status update!!


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  • jugtree

    One of my favs is – “Don’t log the food you eat… eat the food you logged.”