April 13, 2017

Stretches for Cyclists | 5-Pose Yoga Fix

Cycling is a great sport that offers many benefits — from cross-training to calorie-burning to getting you places — but holding that position for long stretches can strain the neck, shorten the...
April 4, 2017

3 Ways to Prevent Injuries in Yoga

Yoga is often touted as an activity that increases strength, flexibility, balance and calm — and while all of those can be true, it’s not an oasis of injury-free bliss. “There’s a perception...
March 30, 2017

5-Pose Yoga Fix: How to Flush Out the Toxins

A twist-heavy practice is yoga’s ancient answer to the modern passion for detoxes and cleanses. Twists are thought to wring out the body, forcing out toxins and cleansing the organs. They’re a...
March 23, 2017

5-Pose Yoga Fix for Desk Dwellers

Hey, desk dwellers, if you spend too much time hunched over that computer, your neck, shoulders, low back and hips are going to become super sore. Fend off tight muscles by taking two minutes every...