Can’t Squat or Lunge Due to Bad Knees? This Workout Is for You

by Lori Patterson
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Can’t Squat or Lunge Due to Bad Knees? This Workout Is for You

Many of us experience knee pain as some point, either because of injury, disease (arthritis) or age (any of us over 40 has felt a twinge or two!). And many of you share that you cannot do a squat or lunge without pain. No worries; there are a ton of exercises you can to do strengthen your glutes (bum) without performing one squat or one lunge.

In this video, I share exercises you can do lying on your belly (prone) to strengthen your glutes. This requires hip extension and NO movement of your knees! We will do an “oldie-but-goodie” exercise lying on your back (supine), one on your side to focus on your gluteus medius, and one exercise that requires a wall.


  • Cheah Pei San

    thanks so much…im looking workout for knee pain….

  • Paul

    You just saved my a$$ (and knees)!! Thank you for this.

  • Minicakes4444

    Great exercises I’m going to try them today

  • Linda

    Love your shoes. What are they? (Great workout too!)

  • Jessica Davidson

    So excited to see this since I just broke my knee and I was thinking that even when I get the huge cast off I’m not gonna be able to exercise like before for a long time.

  • Jade Crowley

    I’m going to add the last one to my plan! ‘m in 2nd week of “Butt Bible. Yes it DOES work! I used plan several years ago and maintained for 3 years. Got busy and fell off wagon due to ” life”. No MORE excuses! I am back to stay. Thinking about getting and adding “Brazil Butt Lift”, anyone have info and experience with it? Good? Bad? Time/money waste?? Let me know please.

  • Jolie Ryder

    Some great exercises here! One of my knees tends to play up sometimes, so when it’s sore I know that squats or many other types of leg/butt exercises are out. Thanks for these though, I’m liking that last single-leg glute bridge variation on the wall!!

  • Marlena Morris

    I gotta try these because I used to have the tightest bum with no exercise now I’m seeing my bum drop a little so gotta get back right but I have really bad knee no cartilage so squats are not an option thanks so much.