Kelly DiNardo

March 23, 2017

5-Pose Yoga Fix for Desk Dwellers

Hey, desk dwellers, if you spend too much time hunched over that computer, your neck, shoulders, low back and hips are going to become super sore. Fend off tight muscles by taking two minutes every...
March 20, 2017

Well-Being is a Skill (Not a State of Mind)

A few months ago, I sat five rows from a small stage where the Dalai Lama was talking about meditation. I was charmed by his infectious, child-like laugh and awestruck by his presence, but it was...
March 16, 2017

5-Pose Yoga Fix: Long Trip

Travel takes a toll on the body — even if it’s a vacation to recharge. Long flights, train rides and road trips mean sitting in small spaces for hours and leave our bodies tight and stiff....
March 2, 2017

5-Pose Yoga Fix: Netflix Binge

Binge-watching an entire series has become the new normal, but slumping on the couch for a marathon “House of Cards” session can seriously throw off your posture and strain the shoulders, back...
February 9, 2017

5-Pose Yoga Fix: Skiers and Snowboarders

Swooshing down the slopes requires dexterity, balance, strength and stamina. As with most sports, some muscles — like the quadriceps — are called upon more than others. This puts you at risk for...