Elizabeth Millard

February 20, 2017

5 Real Benefits of Workout Selfies

In late 2015, Karla Pankow was an occasional gym-goer who struggled to ditch soda, junky snack food and way too much sitting. Then she got on Instagram. Setting a goal of losing 100 pounds, she...
February 16, 2017

Healthy Lifestyle Hacks That Really Work

Whether you’re prepping for an Ironman or training yourself to avoid the doughnut platter in the breakroom, it’s likely that you’re keen to incorporate healthier choices into your diet. For...
January 5, 2017

Getting to Know the Lingo: Yoga

Technically, yoga is another language. It can be especially intimidating if the teacher begins throwing out the Sanskrit terms for poses or using shortcut language like, “You can vinyasa through...
December 23, 2016

4 Ways to Manage Your Holiday Stress

More than any other time of the year, the holidays are a crucial time for testing your stress limits. Whether you’re bracing for holiday-table debate sessions or just facing a to-do list that seems...