Brittany Risher

October 18, 2017

5 Chef Fixes to Common Home-Cooking Mistakes

Let’s be real: You're only going to eat healthy if it tastes good. Considering the time spent prepping and cooking, plus the cost of ingredients, a recipe that doesn't turn out as you'd hoped is...
October 11, 2017

5 Myths About Personal Trainers

From the outside looking in, you might think being a personal trainer seems like a fun job — they get to perfect their athleisure vibe and work out all day. Except that’s not the entire picture....
October 10, 2017

The Fitness Classes Trainers Love

Fitness instructors are like most of us — fanatic about their favorite class. In most cases, it's the class they teach. But no matter how much they love their yoga or running or HIIT, that's...
October 9, 2017

7 Health Buzzwords We Need to Stop Using

These days there are so many so-called superfoods and labels on packaged foods that it's hard to know what’s really healthy and what’s hype. Why does a green juice need to have “vegan” on it...