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Ashley’s 90-Pound Weight Loss Started on Her Wedding Day

by MyFitnessPal
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Meet Ashley Marsh, a mother of four in Rhode Island. Ashley’s wedding day in 2013 was the starting point to turn around her weight problems and become healthier. Fortunately, for Ashley, her transformation wasn’t an individual journey. From daily walks with her daughter to celebrating weight loss milestones with her husband, the entire Marsh family has joined her in the commitment to better health.

“I’m proof that no matter who you are, you can change your life.”

Ashley’s story perfectly embodies the power in our community, proving that all you need to create a better life for yourself is a desire to succeed and a commitment to putting in the work. We are committed to telling your victory stories, so be on the lookout for more motivation and encouragement.

Every dreamer deserves support. Discover inspiring tips, tools and stories of dreamers like you to help kick-start your own dream pursuit.

Done something awesome yourself or know someone who has? Share your personal victory (or someone else’s) for a chance to see your story here. These are real stories from real community members, so we want to hear from you and help celebrate your accomplishments.


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  • Celeste


    • Ashley Marsh

      Thank you very much!

  • Play Time

    Very inspirational! Would love to know what meal plan you followed. Low carb? Paleo? WW? Thanks for sharing your story and congratulations!!

    • Ashley Marsh

      Hello there! Thank you for the kind words. I would be more than happy to share how I did it with you.

      • Ashley Marsh

        So basically I have eating everything in moderation from the start. I refused to give up the foods I loved. I eat a lot of salad but I still eat chocolate and pizza. But instead of 4 pieces I’ll eat one or two and a giant salad to fill me up. I drink a lot of water. Fruits and veggies. I eat Greek yogurt almost everyday. And in it I’ll put a 1/8 of a cup of granola and some craisins. I eat popcorn for a snack at night with low call ice cream. I portion out a cup of ice cream with a measure cup. Which is usually eddys 100 cal vanilla. And I put on sprinkles. Which I measure. I do try to measure a lot but I am good at eyeballing it now. I can go on and on.

  • Yousif Shamoun

    Wow very inspirational. How long did it take you to lose 30 pounds?

    • Ashley Marsh

      Hi there! So it didn’t take too long to lose the first 30. Maybe 6-8 months but I used the app and put in my weight at lose a lb a week. Sometimes i would adjust it depending on if I had a party or event. I would adjust it to lose half a lb or maintain weight. The key is I never went over th calories that it said to maintain. That way I new I wouldn’t gain if I had a party to go to and indulged with a piece of cake or something yummy.

      • Crystal

        Congrats on the weight loss, you look great. The only exercise you did was walking??

        • Ashley Marsh

          Thank you so much! So yes. I mostly walked. I just recently started bike riding but up until this point I just walked about 3 times a week. Nothing too crazy. I started slow. 🙂

      • Christina

        Hello, it’s so wonderful to hear your story. Next September I’m planning to renew my vows, 60 pounds smaller than my first time. I’m so excited. I dint recognize the girl in my wedding pictures just as you said. I thought my dress was beautiful but I didn’t feel beautiful. This time will be diffent. Thanks for sharing your story. People think it’s hard and I’ve even been asked did I have surgery. Is simple eat less, keep track so you know your intake and burn calories. I didn’t give up anything, I ate in moderation and rewarded myself one time on the weekend with a small dessert, shake from cookout usually. I started walking but ended up running and did my first 5k a few weeks ago.

        • Ashley Marsh

          That is so wonderful that you were able to lose the weight the same way as me. Without giving up too much. I is an amazing feeling to feel healthy and good about yourself. 60 lbs is so much! And I plan To try a 5k soon Too. Good luck with renewing your vows. I’m planning mine for next august hopefully if all goes well 🙂

      • Berghorn Stonitsch Jackie

        I can’t seem to eat more than 1,000cal n Dr told me eat eat …I’ve kept Sugar Dairy n Carbs
        what does your daily diet consist of. doing something wrong. Thank You Best to u!

        • Ashley Marsh

          Hi there! So let’s start of with this, I’m not sure what your weight is but 1000 is really low. If you eat too little you will go into starvation mode and your body will retain fat and seize weight loss. I eat a lot of healthy foods in a day. However if I want to eat a slice of pizza I will do so with a giant salad with it. I eat Greek yogurt for a snack, try to eat 2-3 pieces of fruit a day. I always eat a salad with my meal every night. For breakfast I will usually have toast with a teaspoon of real butter. For lunch at work I will usually make a big salad and have some popcorn on the side and a fruit and maybe a cheese string. For dinner maybe for example we will have pasta with meat but I always measure my pasta and meat I always use ground chicken or turkey. I don’t eat much red meat at all as it’s high in calories and fat. I love salmon and Tuna. Sometimes for dinner I’ll make a pasta salad with light balsamic, tuna, lettuce, tom, cukes, onions and feta. It’s soooo yummy and healthy. Feel free to ask me more questions.

          • Berghorn Stonitsch Jackie

            ok great thanks for info,adding more food staying away from bad carbs added yogurt whey protein shake n work out 4-5 days on tread step weights… how long did it take to lose weight? Thanks Ashley!

          • Ashley Marsh

            Hi again, i lost about 35 lbs a year I would say. I did it extremely slow. And good luck to you adding in the protein. Good idea. You need protein to lose weight as well

          • Berghorn Stonitsch Jackie

            Thanks so much Best of luck to you!

  • Frank medeiros

    Great work… From rhode island also and 60 down but looking forward to that 90 down in a few months , keep up the great work I love hearing other ppls stories great motivation booster

    • Ashley Marsh

      Thank you so much! Wow 60 down is amazing! Congrats to you! I also enjoy hearing people’s stories. It helps me keep focused and keep me on track. And also helps me know I’m not alone in this journey.

  • Jessica

    You look amazing!! Congratulations on your weight loss! Having family behind you is so important! You’ll have to share your vow renewal pictures with us! I am doing the Zero Sugar Diet by David Zinczenco and I’m so happy with the amount of food I can eat each day! I’m down 24 pounds! Only 30 till my goal!
    Keep us posted!

    • Ashley Marsh

      Congrats to you as well! 24 lbs is a lot girl! I’m glad that you are happy. Finding what works for you is the most important part. As for the vows, we need to hope for some extra money. With four kids it might be put on the wayside. We will see!

    • Ashley Marsh

      Hi there! There seems to be a major delay in when I see these messages. I just want to thank you for the kind words. And also wish you well on your zero sugar plan. I say to everyone, we all have different plans that work for us. And finding one that we can stick with and feel full on is so important. It’s actually the most important! Good luck and stay in touch on how you are doing! I wish you well!

  • rhampton

    Hi! What other type of exercises do you do besides walking?
    Thank you

    • Ashley Marsh

      Hi there’ sorry for the delay in response. I love kayaking which only happens a couple times a month but besides walking I love biking. I’m really into that I have been riding my mountain bike about three times a week. In the winter I try to do yoga. But its not too often as it’s an expensive activity. So mostly biking and walking!

  • Andrea M Vincent

    Wow Ashley!!! You did that !! and you are doing it !!!. Way to go! congratulations from the bottom of my heart !!!!!.

    • Ashley Marsh

      Awwww… thank you so so much! I really appreciate it. From the bottom of MY heart! Xoxo

    • Ashley Marsh

      Hi there! Thank you so so much! Your kind words mean the world to me. Xoxoxo

  • honeybee1996

    What’s your MyFitness Pal username? Do you accept new followers?

    • Ashley Marsh

      Hi! Sure you can follow me! I love having fitness buddies. And sorry it took a long time to respond. I didn’t see notifications. It’s ashky04

  • Paula .Garcia

    Congratulations on your weight loss. You look amazing. Thank you for sharing your story.

    • Ashley Marsh

      Thank you so much for your kind words! Much much appreciated!

  • Scott Payne

    That’s so cool I’m very happy for you. I’m down 55 lbs. only 25 more to my to my goal. The Fitbit and
    MyFitnessPal really made the difference for me. I was honest with what I put into MyFitnessPal and got honest results.

    • Ashley Marsh

      Congrats to you as well! I did exactly the same as you except I used the underarmour health band which is basically the same. You should be so proud of your accomplishments. My 8 year old is 55 lbs! So that’s perspective for ya. You lost a person off of you!

  • Tammy Olenick

    Congrats! You are an incredible inspiration! How did you start? I’ve lost and gained weight so many times I don’t know if I can go through it all again. I know I felt so much better and had so much energy when I had control of my eating. But now I’m back to all my bad habits again. I feel so hopeless!

    • Ashley Marsh

      Hi there!!! Thank you for the kind words and sorry it took so long to get back to you. I struggled with my weight for my life. The only thing I have been able to do to lose and keep it off is track my calories. That’s why fitness pal has worked for me. I started slowly. I put in lose a half lb. a week and because I was so overweight, the amount of food I could eat was a lot! That made it the most easy. I never count green veggies or salad veggies such as tom, cuke, lettuce, spinach kale. So I eat a lot of salad for sure. If you have anymore questions feel free to ask and please please don’t give up. I was in your shoes. I was hopeless. I felt alone in it. But there are so many men and women who struggle with weight. More struggle than don’t. Not everyone is blessed with a fast metabolism. I had a skinny handsome brother and I was always the heavy kid. And it hurt. But you can overcome all of it. It takes time but the weight will come off I promise!

  • Tammy

    Hi Ashley, I was waiting for a response for a few days from you and then I just realized my message I sent to you never went through! Crazy computers! I ‘m a lifetime member of weight watchers and I’ve worked with a nutritionist with success. It’s like I know what to do but I just don’t have the control. I know once you get started and see results you feel alot of motivation. But it feels like such a mountain to climb! Have you struggled always too?

    • Ashley Marsh

      Hi tammy! I’m sorry that I didn’t get back to you sooner. I think there is a delay on here because I just got them message this morning. I have struggled from the time I was about 8 years old. I 100% struggle all the time still. I don’t know if there ever will be a time where I can honestly just not think about my way and think about getting healthy. I’m right there with you girl. It’s just definitely a process that has its ups and downs. I’ve had four pregnancies and with each one and 70 pounds at a time. And so taking it off putting it on over and over again has definitely done my body in. But we just have to stick together and keep working at it!

  • Tammy

    Hi Ashley
    You are so sweet! I have a 27 year old daughter and 17 year old twin boys.Did you drink soda before? I drank it along time ago and quit, now I’ve started drinking soda again everyday and feel addicted to it. I know that definately isn’t healthy. Just wondering if you ever struggled with that? Thanks for all your positive advice! I’m trying to absorb it!

    • Ashley Marsh

      So I have never been a huge soda person. I drank it a little as a kid but I will say I drank a lot of diet soda for awhile and now since I love the bubbles but hate the headaches from diet I switched to seltzer. Totally helps me with the bubbly fizzy drink. Try that!

    • cnexception

      try to start drink tea. Puerh tea is the best. Don’t put sugar. It helps digestion and loose weight.

  • Tammy

    Hi Ashley Thanks for the idea with drinking the selzer! I never really drank soda growing up but now I find myself having to have it everyday, which I no is a very bad habit. Hopefully I can at least cut down. Thanks for you words of encouragment! Keep up the good work too!

  • Stacie

    Thank you for sharing your story. I was married in June and my 3 boys have always been so supportive. I felt so pretty on my wedding day and then I received the pictures. I cried for hours about how I let myself get to this point….again. I lost 75 lbs over 6 years and gained it all back in a little over a year. I told my husband last week that I was done. It’s time to get healthy and practice what I preach to my kids. Thank you for the inspiration.

    • Ashley Marsh

      I totally 100% know exactly what you are going thru. It’s the worst feeling to feel unhealthy and to see pictures and not recognize the person in them. I’m proof that you can do it. I know you can! Feel free to request me for support on fitness pal. My user ID is ashky04. Don’t give up ever! It’s a slow and steady wins the race kinda thing. It took time to put it on and it takes time to take it off. I still struggle everyday. This is a battle I will always fight. You are not alone! Just know that!

  • Rubypippa

    Ashley you look amazing and I am sure you feel amazing too. Well done that girl!