Announcing 75 Million MyFitnessPal Users!

by MyFitnessPal
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Announcing 75 Million MyFitnessPal Users!

We are excited to announce that we have hit a number of great milestones this week, thanks mostly to you.

First off, MyFitnessPal now has 75 million registered users worldwide.

Just to put that in perspective, that is:

  • almost twice the population of California (38 million)
  • almost three times the population of Texas (26 million)
  • almost a quarter the population of the US (316 million)
  • twice as many people as there are books in the library of congress (35 million)

There are some other great numbers that go with that. Collectively, our users have lost over 180 million pounds, which is 120,000 elephants or 450 blue whales.

Of course, many of our users aren’t even attempting to lose weight. People use MyFitnessPal for so many reasons — from identifying and controlling food allergies to making sure they’re getting enough daily nutrients.

These users have, collectively:

  • logged over 14.5 billion foods
  • burned 364 billion calories
  • logged 1.2 Trillion minutes of exercise
  • helped to grow our database of food north of 5 million

Ultimately, all of this is based on building tools that will drive user success; which is our true North. We’re all about helping you live a healthier life.

We know that the secret to our success are our users, which are walking testaments to the power of our product. We’re building tools to help people navigate a world in which healthy living is hard. We strive to make it crystal clear how people can live a healthier life, and to make it easier to do just that. Our users get off autopilot and get insights that help them make smarter choices, changing their behavior and creating healthier habits.

Thank you for your support — we’re excited to celebrate the successes of each of you as we strive for the next 75 million users!



  • Karen V

    Thank you :0)( for being available

  • mamados

    I’m really enjoying this app. I wasn’t looking to lose weight, just be a little more conscious about what choices I’m making. I have many discussions regarding nutrition. I wear the striiv around my wrist, as opposed to the fitbit. I wish there was some way I could plug in manually the calories I’m burning, the miles I walk, the steps I take and the amount of exercise I do. That would make this complete.

  • SPC Anekwe

    This app completely changed my life. My whole goal was to lose pounds and stay healthy for my new born son. That year I had lost my job, And I had no where to turn to. I used to be in the Army, but I was soooooo far from the man I once was. I wanted to re enlist, for my new born son. I just wanted a way to stay fit and make a few dollars on the side as a Army reserve member. In just a few months, I lost lost 75 pounds. I not only became fit. I was able to re-enlist in the Army and I got a job permanent job working as a Recuiter for the US Army as well. My clothes fit me and most of all I am much healthier for my son. I have no words for this app. I have recommended it to all my friends, family, and now Co workers. Thank you

  • Garlic7girl

    WOOOOO HOOOO!!!! Saved me when could no longer afford other health plans!!!!

  • keilacavazos

    Today was my first day using this app…God help me

  • 603reader

    You do realize that there are users will multiple active accounts right? So that 75 million active users is a fallacy.

  • logicalinks

    Thank you for offering us this app for free! It has kept me motivated, both through goal setting, the desire to log in calories and exercise, and reading stories in the forum. Thank you for all the hard work involved in keeping it going. I know that mine is not the only life you’ve helped to make healthier. You all should be proud!!

  • Jan

    Changed my life too. Lost 30lbs, dropped 2 dress sizes and never felt better. Had recent health check and blood pressure and Cholesterol normal. Joined a gym and continue to use App to maintain weight. Can’t recommend highly enough

  • Cathy

    Congrats and thank you!

  • Deb

    Changed my life. Lost 51 lbs and now people are worried about me getting too skinny! Heaven only knows how many calories I consumed at 180 lbs. This app was a breeze and losing the weight was too! 1200 calories added up fast and I quickly learned what not to eat if I didn’t want to go hungry the rest of the day. No more “jethro Boden (Beverly hillibillys) size bowls of cereal in the mornings to start. I gave a gift to the gal that told me about this app and I have told as many as ask how I lost weight with this awesome app. It was worth the price of my Ipad if all I did with it is Myfitnesspal

  • brendablu

    Hi, I’m new to fitness pal. So, far its been wonderful in helping realize how much food I was actually consuming a day. Pop, was a huge no no for me too lol. I drank 5 mt. Dew cans a day ” for the caffiene” I would tell myself. Now at 233lbs, I realize just how wrong I’ve been about how I vieq y habits. They aren’t harmless, they were killing me 🙁 but not now, I’m loving this new way of eating!

  • My New Life

    I found out about this app from a friend who lost 20 pounds in 2 months. Now at 200 pounds I’m hoping this app will do the same for me. I have high blood pressure, diabetes and am holding off on completing breast reconstruction as a result of breast cancer. After logging in everything I eat for the last 5 days, I am amazed how quickly the calories add up. I know this will be a slow process but being held accountable for everything I eat and seeing it in writing is an eye opener. I think twice now before I pour that second helping and I shy away from snacking as I used to. I’m anxious to see where I am in 6 months. Many thanks to My Fitness Health. At 75 million I’m glad I’m not alone in my quest for a healthier me.

  • ciara orr

    I’m probably the youngest mfp user haha. I was once overweight, being 5’2 and 160 pounds. I was called names, which in return I would cry myself to sleep at night and be extremely depressed a lot. My parents didn’t take me or my siblings weight seriously. So at the age of eleven I had to take control of my weight myself. I started going on our extremely old treadmill in our garage and would walk 60 minutes everyday on it. My twin sister almost immediately started doing the same thing. I stated choosing better selections of food and overall stated eating healthier. Then I started becoming more impatient with the weight loss and wanted the pounds to be gone as soon as possible. So I started starving myself. Eating as little as a cup of Cheerios , a plum, and some broccoli everyday. I became even more depressed and stated going days without eating at all. My family was proud that I was making a difference, but we’re extremely concerned on how little I was eating. I first lost 20 pounds before practically starving my self for the other 20 pounds. My twin sister started following in my footsteps and also lost a lot of weight. People started to be concerned about our weight and how we went from being over weight to the verge of being anorexic. After achieving my goal of 120 pounds at age 12,I realized I had to stop eating so little and to start thinking about maintaining my weight. Within a week I found my fitness pal online, and let me just say, it changed my life. I introduced it to my sister and we both now use mfp all the time, it helps us both choose healthier options and maintain our healthy bodies. We are now currently 13 and have been using mfp for almost a whole year. I now know what to eat and how much of it I should intake. So when there are days I can’t use the app, im perfectly fine as I now know what to choose and not to deprive myself of everything I want. It’s helped us to learn to love healthy foods, and to exercise more and get out more often. We do cross country running 3 to 8 miles everyday and we are both overall happy and loving our new and improved life style. My fitness pal has changed my life for the better and I don’t know how many times I can thank the people behind this app. Thank you for changing our lives and overall mind.