Announcement: MyFitnessPal on The New Samsung GALAXY Gear Smartwatch

by MyFitnessPal
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Announcement: MyFitnessPal on The New Samsung GALAXY Gear Smartwatch

We are so thrilled to announce that MyFitnessPal will be featured on the new Samsung GALAXY Gear Smartwatch that has been unveiled today at the ‘Samsung Unpacked’ launch event in Berlin.

As you know, we’re always working to identify and create new ways to help make your nutrition and exercise tracking even easier. Now, as quick as it is to check the time, you can also glance at your wrist to view a summary of your calories remaining, daily activity, status of your daily health goals and more.

What does this mean for you?

The preloaded app will provide Samsung GALAXY Gear Smartwatch wearers with easy-to-use access to the following MyFitnessPal functions:

  • Monitor Goal Progress: Quickly view a daily summary of calories remaining, diet and exercise.
  • Scan & Log: Instantly scan a food item’s barcode with the Galaxy Gear camera to automatically log the precise calorie count into your daily food diary.
  • Track Activity: Seamlessly track precise calories burned via Galaxy Gear’s pedometer to automatically log in your exercise diary.

Want to learn more? Check out the Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch homepage:


Mike, Al and the MFP Team


  • Mr. Ojeh

    THIS IS GREAT NEWS. I am a SAMSUNG rep for the SF Bay Area. Will spread the word!

  • Josh

    now, just get VZ to release a 4.3 update for the S4, so I can actually use one of these things

  • Randall Kender

    So I have the Galaxy Gear and tried out this app. It looks decent but I can’t get it to work. It just constantly stays at Syncing… on the main screen. If i swipe down (effectively like a back button) I can get into the settings where it looks like I can do barcode scanning which is awesome. I’m sure they’ll sort out bugs soon enough…hopefully.

    • MyFitnessPal

      We are sorry to hear you are having problems connecting your Galaxy Gear to MyFitnessPal. Please send our Customer Happiness team an email so that we can assist you with this issue.

  • Bradley Leyten

    Calories burned from the pedometer are displayed but don’t transfer to the exercise log. A fix for this would be great!!

  • tntpoms

    So far I like this app, but I would like to know how to reset the step counter on the app. I would’ve thought that it would reset daily, but that is not happening. Does anyone know how to solve this issue?

  • A T

    Is it counting calories burned simply based on the steps made or does it take into consideration the intensity of the activity?

  • Paul Goldney

    Have just purchased the Gear 2 watch but cannot find the app or anything mentioned about the gear 2 – can someone please shed some light – Where to downoad from if it exists

  • Josiah Barnes

    ok. so how about getting the Gear Fit to work with MyFitnessPal on the Samsung S5? and possibly link in and retrieve data from S-Health

  • Khan

    where to download app on gear 2 from? i cant find it anywhere?

  • Ruby

    I had a Samsung Gear Fit watch but I didn’t replace it when it broke because it wouldn’t talk to MyFitnessPal nor RunKeeper. Now they are coming out with the Gear Fit 2. Any chance of compatibility with MFP?

  • Toni Ilderton

    Will this work for wheelchair users ?

  • YouthfulGeezer

    I recently purchased a Samsung Gear S3. I connected S Health with my MyFItnessPal account. The steps tracked on my S3 dont sync with MyFitnessPal (but the ones from Runkeeper do). They both (S Health and RunKeeper) one time only. SInce that one time, only my Runkeeper data is synced.