8 Fitness Halloween Horror Stories

by Dane Rahlf
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8 Fitness Halloween Horror Stories

Just in time for Halloween, we asked Under Armour for stories about those awkward or painful moments while working out. Here are some of our favorite Fitness Horror Stories:


Teagan H“In college, I took what I thought would be a nice, relaxing yoga class. For whatever reason, the first class was an extremely hot yoga session. Behind me, a man twice my size fainted and fell on top of me. I was trapped. Several students came to the rescue and lifted his sweaty, shirtless body off of me. After some fanning and water he was fine, but I did not see him the rest of the semester.”
—Teagan H., Under Armour teammate





Brennan D“One day at the gym, I heard a piercing scream from the guy doing bicep curls. He made the mistake of using a curl bar without clasping the weights secure. A 45-pound weight fell off the bar and onto his foot. He took off his shoes to find he had broken four of his toes. One of his bones had even punctured through his sock. It looked like something straight out of the Halloween aisle.”
—Brennan D., Under Armour teammate





Natalie S“One year at soccer camp, I had forgotten to bring indoor shoes. On the day we played in the gym I decided that I could play just fine in my socks. I went sprinting after a ball but when I tried to stop, I slid across the floor and slammed face first into the bleachers. My nose was broken and I was writhing and screaming in pain. I still remember one of the campers asking, ‘Is she dead?’ Needless to say, it was the last day of soccer camp for me.”
—Natalie S., Under Armour teammate





Sara A“When I first began going to a gym, the only machine I really knew how to use was the treadmill. I finally worked up my confidence to use the ab machine but I didn’t know how to adjust and lock it properly. A few crunches in, the head support released, whipped back and hit me square in the face. It burst my nose, split my lips and cut my gums. I ran to the bathroom and stayed there for a really long time, hoping the people who had seen me had left.”
—Sara A., Under Armour teammate





Michael M“Through 2014, I was extremely dedicated to becoming as fit as possible. After a year’s worth of dedication in the gym,
I missed a step walking down the stairs and fractured my ankle, tearing all the outer ligaments in the process. Determined not to let a simple step keep me down, I took a week off to recover from surgery and was back in the gym doing single-leg workouts and upper body movements. I managed to get back to full health just five months later and even competed in a team CrossFit competition.”
—Michael M., Under Armour teammate

We also asked for your stories on Facebook. Thanks for sharing! Here are a few we loved:

“I was listening to the radio though my phone, and accidentally pressed the speaker button. Next thing I know I’m blasting Queen’s “I Want to Break Free” in a crowded gym.”
—Catherine D.

“I hadn’t noticed just how loose my favorite workout pants were until I was in a boxing class and they fell to my ankles.”
—Caroline M.

“I signed up for the Food on the Run 10K in Cincinnati. The website said dressing up was encouraged, so I borrowed a banana costume from my boyfriend. When I got there, I was the only one in costume!”
—Katie M.

Have a horror story of your own? Tell us here!


  • NanC

    I’m a fitness instructor for years… one day I was instructing aqua in the pool during my period…I was doing some explosive plyometric moves in the pool with jumping …as I was counting …. 1, 2, 3 …. on the third jump because of the perfect pressure of the water against my body…my tampon exploded out of me high into the air ……crazily, I was able to capture it and then quickly excuse myself from the class for the rest of the class……HORRIFYING!!!!

  • Becky Shields

    Last winter my sister and her husband went on a vacation to California .. I received this little note from her .. (my sister is 69 yrs old and quite active .. but very blond!). “Pat and I went up to the workout room and I managed to fall off the treadmill while it was running!!!! Just like in the movies!!! I had decided to take off my sweatshirt and didn’t think about getting off the treadmill first! So there I was with my sweatshirt pulled over my head and me sprawled out on the floor!!! I have some ugly scrapes on my legs, but other than that, I’m fine. It could have been so bad with all the equipment close as could be!!! I even had to laugh at myself. – after getting a box of bandages on my legs! Ha!”

  • The Meatless Marathoner

    The solution: look cool, calm, and collected and say, “I meant to do that.” 🙂

  • Rhonda Gage

    A few years ago, while still in my “couch Potato” mode I wrote an essay and won a 2 week Fitness Boot camp with 2 hard core trainers… No matter how hard I tried, the female was always yelling I could do better… I’d go home after sessions and have ice on every joint I had… But I refused to quit! At day 8 while warming up to go hard again I totally ruptured my right Achilles Tendon… Sometimes winning free stuff isn’t the best thing that can happen…