6 Healthy Chili Recipes to Enjoy in November

by Elle Penner, MPH, RD
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6 Healthy Chili Recipes to Enjoy in November

Lee | Fit Foodie Finds

Dust off those slow cookers! Chili is one of those simple, one-pot meals that can be made ahead of time and enjoyed throughout the week. One hearty bowl can pack at least two servings of veggies, lots of lean or plant-based protein and half a day’s worth of fiber. It’s all about choosing the right ingredients. Try swapping out ground beef for quinoa, beans, lentils, or chicken breast, and substitute Greek yogurt for the sour cream. Here are six healthy chili recipes to get you started.


Quinoa, beans and lentils work great in chili because they add protein, fiber and loads of texture. They’re also less expensive than meat–especially when purchased dry instead of canned.


Whether you like it pulled or ground, chicken and turkey breast are great in pretty much any chili recipe. Sweet potatoes, cocoa powder and Greek yogurt give these three versions a tasty twist.

Don’t forget, leftovers make great workweek lunches. Just portion out a few single-serving containers so you can just grab one and go in the morning. Now go get your spoon!
What do you like to add to your healthy chili recipes? 


  • Jenn F.

    YIKES!!! 1220 mg of Sodium in the Savory White Chicken recipe. Did a Registered Dietitian really sign off on this? 🙁

    • Gavin Jones

      Good spot!

    • crims

      If you have no preexisting blood pressure issues, there is nothing wrong with sodium. I just don’t like how the dietician thinks just because something is less processed and lower calorie it’s “healthy.”

      • Stacy

        I agree with you on the sodium, not everyone needs to eat low-salt diets. If this is a main meal it still leaves plenty of wiggle room to fall within the recommended amounts.

        I don’t however think the dietitian is advocating that all non-processed foods are healthy. This entire post is about making better choices about what goes into the chili pot.

      • T

        lol so your idea of healthy is highly processed (added chemicals, etc.) and high calorie? hmmm….

  • lazerfoxx

    yum, i love chili! maybe you can modulate the sodium. you know, ‘salt to taste’.

  • Joel Smith

    use low sodium broth and don’t add the salt and there is 3/4 of your sodium gone. I have low blood pressure so I am good with this much sodium but would be to taste for sure

  • Claire FitzGerald

    Day before yesterday, for the very first time in my life, made 4.5 pints of super thick, creamy ‘n perfect LACTOSE FREE yogurt. Tried 1/4 cup of it mixed with 1/2 tablespoon of sugar free blackberry jam for an afternoon snack. There is no comparison of this great stuff compared to the stuff in the stores. Much better quality & healthier. Cost per 4 oz. serving: less than 17 cents. Used the new large capacity water-bath system yogurt maker.

  • LiftAllThePizzas

    Or just eat real chili and stop being afraid of foods that aren’t even harmful.

  • Rachel

    Thanks for this! I made the turkey veggie chili (substituted lean pork and ground it myself instead of ground turkey just because) and it turned out AMAZING! I do have blood pressure issues but I used low sodium / no salt added beans and tomatoes and I left the salt out of the recipe entirely (I kept the low sodium soy sauce though). Sometimes that ruins a recipe but this recipe really turned out FANTASTIC without all that salt and a sodium level of about 400 mg per serving. This is absolutely going into my regular rotation.

  • Aletha McManama

    I prepared and ate the Black Bean & Quinoa chili this evening and it was really, really good! Instead of using any canned ingredients, I replaced them with fresh ones. Definitely worth trying if you get a chance. I’ve already pinned the other recipe ideas on this page. I’ll be cooking those during the winter.

  • JJ Sobey

    where’s the beef?

  • Lori

    is there any way to get the nutrition information for this chili?

  • Chilihead

    While these recipes may be delicious and healthy, none of them qualify as chili in my book.

  • Lyn

    Oh please!!! I’m always interested in healthy weight loss eating, BUT my pantry is not a supermarket…way too many ingredients required to make a disgusting looking bowl of mush that looks like dog vomit. No thanks, I’ll find another healthy eating site. Bye

    • Bye bye

      Bye Felicia!

  • Sandra Greenbaum

    arewethereyet….i am here.

  • Michael

    Please add the nutritional information and the ounces/grams for canned items. Thanks.

  • Brandon Fields

    I just cooked up the black bean quinoa chili and served it over a baked potato. Yummy! My kids loved it too… Thanks for the recipes Elle 🙂

  • bex

    mmmmmm….this tastes so good!! thanks for the recipe!

  • Ramblinrose

    Yogurt isn’t vegan…

  • Ramblinrose

    I need a complete vegan diet and can’t find one…with daily measurement
    And weekly requirements…