5 Total-Body Moves to Start Your Day

by Lauren Sesselmann
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5 Total-Body Moves to Start Your Day

Believe me even as an Olympic athlete, there are days when fitting in a workout feels like the last thing I want to do. But with my 10-minute, total-body workout, there’s no reason to skip another workout, as you can squeeze this in before the rest of the day gets in the way. So wake up, jump out of bed, and get your workout on in the comfort of your own home—no equipment necessary.

Below are five of my favorite total-body exercises. Perform each for 30 seconds or 30 reps, and repeat for 3 to 4 sets or as much as you choose. Enjoy and stay Fit As A Pro on The Go!

1. Good Mornings: Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Bend your knees slightly and place your hands interlocked on the back of your head. Keep your core tight, push your feet into the ground, and with your back straight (do not hunch), bend over until you feel the burn in your glutes and hamstrings. Return to the starting position.

2. Prisoner Squats: Place your feet into a wide-squat position. Place your hands interlocked behind your head. Roll up onto the balls of your feet. Keep your back aligned and your core engaged while you perform a squat. Make sure your knees do not go over your toes. Return to standing. Keep your heels off the floor until all reps are done.

3. Diagonal Lunge with Reach: While standing, lunge diagonally to your right. As you lunge, reach forward with your hands and try to reach as close to your feet as possible. Keep your core tight as you bring your right foot back to standing position. Then repeat the same motion on your left side. While performing this exercise, make sure your knees do not go over your toes. Perform 15 reps on each side.

4. Spiderman Push-up: One of my favorites exercises! Get into a plank position with hands shoulder-width apart. Keep your butt down and your body aligned, core tight. While in a plank position, take your right knee and bring it towards your right elbow while performing a push-up. Come out of the push-up, bringing your right knee back to the beginning. Then repeat on the opposite side by bringing your left knee to left elbow while doing a push-up. Perform 15 reps on each side.

5. Russian Kicks: Sit on the ground with your knees bent and feet on the ground. Place your hands shoulder-width apart and behind your back with fingers pointing away from you. Lift your butt of the ground while keeping your core tight/glutes engaged. Kick your right leg up in the air and then quickly bring it back down and kick up your left leg. The purpose of this exercise is to go as fast as you can. Use your arms for balance. You should feel this exercise from top to bottom!


  • Wheeliegrandma17

    Is there anyone in a wheelchair to advise how many calories I burn manually pushing my wheelchair please?

    • Anna Louise Attrill

      Hi. It will depend on what surface and how fast you go so difficult to estimate. An example is below of typical use:

      Flat surface at approximately 2mph =120 calories per half hour

  • christina

    Well how is everybody

  • Linda Taylor

    Hi, Can I do this workout daily?

  • Amber Keneally

    I really don’t think you can squat on the balls of your feet without your knees going over your toes. I have never heard anyone coach a squat without saying to keep your weight in your heels. Am I missing something? I gave it a shot and it seemed impossible.

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  • john

    How many calories does this burn