5 Low-Impact Exercises that Burn Crazy Calories

by Will Owen
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5 Low-Impact Exercises that Burn Crazy Calories

Travel Strong LogoIntense workouts are without question one of the most effective and efficient ways to burn fat and improve your aerobic capacity. But intense workouts don’t have to be high-impact.

If you want to avoid jarring exercises that irritate your ankles, knees, hips and back (or if you want to avoid future injuries), there are a number of low-impact exercises that can give you the same the fat-burning, metabolism-boosting benefits of a high-intensity workout.

The great thing about all of these exercises is that the risk of injury doesn’t increase with the intensity. Which means you can push yourself a little bit harder and know that you’re risking nothing but more calories.

1. Swimming The resistance of the water challenges your muscles to work hard, while simultaneously reducing the impact on your joints. But that’s not the best part: swimming involves your entire body, so while improving your levels of aerobic fitness, you’ll also be building muscle from head to toe. Increase the intensity by challenging yourself to use a variety of strokes.

2. Cycling Riding a bike—indoors or out—is one of the best low-impact cardiovascular workouts you can do. If you’re short on time, you can increase the intensity by using a varied selection of intervals. For example, try pedaling as hard as you can for 40 seconds in an all-out effort, followed by 20 seconds of gentle pedaling; repeat for 6 to 8 rounds. Alternatively you can look for hills to race up before returning to the bottom and going again.

3. Rowing Either in a boat or using a machine, rowing is a powerful and fun way to workout your arms, back, legs, and core muscles. It’s easy to let your form deteriorate as you get tired, so make sure you are pushing with your legs first and allowing your arms and back to follow—not the other way around. Not only will this ensure you stay safe, it’s more efficient and will result in a bigger calorie burn.

4. Yoga When you think of burning calories, yoga might not be the first thing that comes to mind. Perhaps it should be, though, as it’s an amazingly effective, low-impact way to stay strong and lean. Yoga offers a total-body workout that builds strength, flexibility, and overall fitness. It’s so effective because it uses your entire body, as opposed to isolating small muscles groups, which leads to a huge calorie burn. To ensure you’re always challenging yourself, slightly increase the depth of each pose, add time to your workout, or try new, more advanced poses.

5. Stair Climbing Finding a set of stairs can make for a great workout. The motion strengthens the same muscles used for lunges and squats, and taxes your lungs and heart as you power your way to the top. A quick, challenging workout to try: Find a set of stairs that takes 30 seconds to ascend, run (or walk briskly) up each step, and then walk back down to the bottom. Repeat 6 to 8 times.


  • Guest

    I call BS on Yoga. No way that burns a lot of calories. Good for toning, but not calorie burn. Unless you’re doing it for several hours, maybe 😉

    • Amy

      Depends. Vinyasa flow yoga burns quite a bit.

    • Glenn

      Burning calories isn’t all about heart rate and being out of breath. Although I can get out of breath doing yoga! 🙂 Your body burns calories post workout repairing muscles etc, as you sit. Which is why weight training is also good for burning calories.

      • Matt Taylor

        While you often hear that quoted, no one ever mentions how significant the post work out calorie burn is.

        Its equivalent to about 20 extra calories for the day for your average Joe.
        Muscles burn calories, burning these calories generates heat and increases heart rate.
        When very out of shape you’re insulated by fat and heat up faster, when your fit your body becomes a more efficient cooler which can cause you to sweat earlier into your workout.

        TL:DR If your goal is calorie burn and you aren’t sweating, huffing or puffing, you aren’t working hard enough/as hard as you could be.

        • Shemar Moore’s Bae

          I call poppycock on that one. I lost over 50 lbs just doing free weights. No huffing and puffing, just slow repetitive movements, 20 minutes a day.

    • Michelle

      I weigh 130lbs and burned 550 calories last week at hot yoga (90mins), and I am no yogi!

      • Pierre Borg

        The heart rate monitor vastly over estimates for that type of yoga

        • malingerer

          And your conclusion is based on what imperial data? From my understanding it is quantitative in nature and based on algorithms that are scientifically provenance..

          • MonicaB

            Empirical – sure you got burned by the nasty word finishing app

          • Babs Mountjoy

            Or maybe they get their info from the Queen.

          • Frank


          • Hana

            Well, ever since that last death star snafu, the empire has had to admit that it’s data isn’t that great. Imperial data just doesn’t have the reliability that it used to…

          • Hana

            *its data. (I’m guessing autocorrect wants to f with me too…)

    • Hannah Batchelder

      I do an hour of tennis a day and don’t feel out of breath at all, yet when I looked it up it said I burned over 500 calories. And that was after my first day of trying it without me being in shape or anything.

      • Pierre Borg

        Depends on the intensity of your play

    • Pierre Borg

      Depends on what type of yoga, if it’s power yoga or DDP yoga you will burn a lot of calories

    • UNspoiled! Podcast

      I lost a ton of weight doing ONLY yoga, and while I was training for a triathlon I didn’t lose any. Cardio does not equal calorie burning; exercises that build muscle ensure that your body continues to burn more calories even while at rest. And there are many MANY yoga classes that I have left drenched in sweat, out of breath, and with shaky legs.

      • I’ve had the EXACT same experience! I think many people (myself included) underestimate it.

        • jmo222

          The original poster is an idiot. Number one stop using the word toning. Number two you are making an argument stating its good for “toning” but not calorie burn…..really!??!!?! In your mind then how does one “tone”??? You lose bf due to the amount of calories you are burning so your argument falls apart…yeeesh. And unspoiled was spot on with her assessment of calorie burn based on muscle gain!

          • Shemar Moore’s Bae

            now now, no need for name calling. Guest, I lost a ton of weight just doing free weights, with no cardio. Much the same as yoga, it’s not an aerobic exercise, but builds muscle which in turn burns calories more efficiently.

          • TROY

            I agree jmo222. I used to be on the gym and just watch my wife go into the yoga class thinking that can’t be that hard. She always asked me to do a class with her, so one day I did. Halfway through I was praying for it to be over. I’m sure I was sweating from my eyeballs. I was trying hard to do everything right but it was hard. Much harder than I expected. My heart rate was definitely elevated beyond what I could have imagined it would be and I can guarantee I was burning more calories than what I probably would have in the gym doing weights. My wife is a champion for doing the things they do in that yoga class!
            Yoga definitely burns calories if you’re trying to do it right.

    • tam

      yoga defo burns calories even if you dont feel it. when i first started a simple yoga dvd at home,two weeks later and there was a definate change in my waistline being smoother

  • #1 – the kettlebell swing!

    • I don’t know how I missed that one!

      • Zol Tnh

        Can you advise people who have disabilities im hypermobile suffee cfs …arthriti…. ankle replacement which has affected my mobility badback hips shoulder … neck …chronic pain syndrome

        • Msdeclarke

          I suffer from fibromyalgia, lupus and inflammation arthritis. I suggest speaking with your dr. Exercise or should I say not being able to when you were once an active person is very frustrating! Swimming and low impact water aerobics was very beneficial for me. It’s very hard to watch others get out and go hard. It’s very important to understand we have limits and going outside those limits can hurt us more. Staying within our limits can be very gratifying once you get accustomed and understand what works for your body and pain tolerance.
          Good Luck!

          • delraybuzz

            My, how I hear you! As an 87 year old former “exerholic” I feel betrayed by my body for wearing out because nobody in charge warned me about excessive compulsive overuse of joints! After 30 years of speedwalking 7 hour miles every morning, working out with Jane, and every other trainer long before tapes and DVDs appeared (remember books?), My hips wore out, as did my knees, and surgery replacement left me unable to do much other than aquarobics and endless boring walking in water! Who could have visualized the need for a walker after all the years of trying to keep myself physically fit? Next step may be an electric scooter!
            I wish someone i had given me warning about not overdoing! Perhaps I might not be living with the pain of muscles cut and never properly healed, and knees needing replacement as well as hip replacement that left me unable to walk without help! And what is recommended for “my group”? My brain is still active, and I wish my physical being were, as well!

          • Claire

            Thank you for sharing your story! That’s something to note for people who think they are doing a good thing for their body by over-doing the harsh work-outs. My prayers are with you, as you continue to seek answers.

          • That’s some great advice. I highly recommend speaking to your doctor or a physio too.

          • Cassundra Jones

            I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia its been 17 years. In 2002 50lbs overweight and miserable, I ask my rhuematolist what I could to help myself beside trying all the different medications. He suggested water arobiics the first three months and I went on to weight bearing exercise. Bodyscuplt and zumba. I lost 50lbs and feel great…also I have acupuncture. I have almost no flare ups with fibro I have some fatigue but I work through it. Get a good support gym buddy and laugh and smile stay positive. I wish you well

          • Cindy Eberhardt

            This is great advice.

        • barbara

          I have to bad knees bone on bone I can feel some of your pain for sure.. my orthopedic doctor suggested water therapy it was awesome I love it…he told me to continue when I got through with therapy. I bought me a 12×36 pool put in my back yard and it has a solar cover. I do a lot of exercises in it that doesn’t involve stand up….and the solar cover makes water feel like a heated pool….I don’t know if you can do this but just saying really helps,,,,,,,or you can go to YMCA also they have handicap stuff to help you get in water to I’m sure

          • Cassundra Jones

            This is good to hear, I’m glad you have found something that works for you. I workout on the military bases where I live. I have a great support of friends that keep me moving and positive. We can keep encouraging one another. It helps…

        • Lauren Amber Pell

          I’m hypermobile, swimming was great for me 🙂 or if you find it hard because of your shoulder and neck try walking through the water. It is a great resistance exercise with very little impact – walk forwards through it, then backwards to strengthen your muscles and joints 🙂 my mumk does this and she’s hypermobile and has spondylosis.

        • Dawn MIller

          Great question. I have Lupus and any form of physical exercise seems to cause flares. I can’t figure it out and it’s so frustrating.

          • Ahrea Thompson

            I also have Lupus and have been encouraged by my doctor to do swimming and walking as tolerated to start. Swimming is low impact and burns a lot of calories. If you can not swim, walk in water that is at least waist deep, this will help to strengthen the legs.

    • Amy F

      I have a bad back and bad knees; trying to swing anything and maintain stability is hard on the joints. And yes, I’ve done my share of kettle bell workouts; it burns my lower back unfortunately. So nope, it’s a bad choice for “low impact”, even maintaining good form. But a good choice if you don’t have joint or back issues!

      • ldscott716

        I think it depends on the nature of the issue. I have osteoarthritis and mild hypermobile EDS, and I do a lot of kettlebell swings, RDLs, and elliptical.

  • love2coachvolleyball

    These will be great for me to try! I’m trying to protect my knees (because both my father and his mother have had replacement surgeries, grandma twice, so I’m afraid of genetics).
    Any recommendations on good beginners yoga videos to try?

    • Matt Taylor

      I have no yoga experience but here’s my 2 cents.
      Elliptical all the way, you could get a second hand one for $50-$100.
      Great cardio, and while you feel the burn in your legs like a treadmill, its coming from your muscles not your joints.

  • 2NJenn

    does anyone have a suggestion for a good indoor rowing app for iphone that will count strokes based on accelerometer technology? i just got a HealthRider and i’m trying to keep track of calories in vs calories out.

    • Dan

      Just get a heart rate monitor it’ll work heaps better. I have the Polar FT60 which shows me calories burned.

  • Aaron Compton

    Yes I cycle now and I’m down for yoga. I do that w my wife from time to time. If you have anymore low impact ideas please share. I love to run but it is getting difficult because of the knee pain I have.

    • Hey Aaron, give these a go and keep pushing yourself to improve. But other than that, somebody mentioned kettlebell swings which are a great idea!

  • Anthony Francis

    +1 for swimming and rowing!

  • Tgentile

    Any recommendations on a yoga dvd?

    • niecey


      google it

  • Heidi Turner Larson

    Swimming is the best!

  • Jazzy

    After working in Hospital’s for over 17 years and lifting pt’s., my knees can’t take running so I am trying swimming and so far no knee pain!

  • Masko5

    Unfort I have torn rotor and can’t do anything with movement to my arm…I loved Zumba but now it’s a no go….can’t do yoga, can’t do swimming either because of all the arm work….any other suggestions…,feeling helpless but so wanna work out!

    • Mary

      I had both my shoulders operated on 6 months apart due to rotator cuff tearS in them with a torn bicep in one & I still took spinning classes to stay in shape.

  • Yo$H!

    Yeah, I think a lot of these are worth a shot

  • smiley girl

    Help! 3 hernia repairs since last Aug. Desperate to return to fitness and shift half a stone. Tried a run a month ago, painful. Any advice gratefully received as to what sort of exercise would be beneficial

    • My advice is always to speak to your doctor when you’ve suffered from a serious set back.

  • Andy

    Good morning. For the stairs. When you go back down you do it walking backward ??

  • Tamara Miles

    Good article. I swim almost every day, and I’m sure that it has helped me lose 43 pounds in four months.

    • Thanks Tamara. Glad you like it. And congrats on the progress!

  • vic

    I’m for cycling all the way, just done a 12 mile bike ride with 9 hills, no joint pain and the feeling of accomplish you get when you hit the top of the hill is fantastic 🙂

  • Laura peck

    Swimming is the best exercise especially when you are getting started. I have lost 186 lbs since 2012 and gone from a size 28 to an 8 and swimming has been my go to cardio exercise no matter how tough a day I have had. I am on my feet 8 hours a day at work but no matter how much I hurt I could still swim. I do other exercise now but even after a circuit workout a half hour swim is a great way to make sure you will not hurt the next day!

    • That’s amazing progress Laura! Hard work pays off 🙂

    • Mike N Kim Lang

      That’s great! I am a size 24 now. What I really want to know is how much lose skin can I expect when I lose 100 pounds?

    • Tammy J. Lanius

      Way to go Laura! What a great story. I have also lost 100 pounds and understand just how challenging that it can be. Keep up the good work!

  • Jane

    What about pilates?

    • Huvie Joe

      I love pilates!!!!

  • Bridgitt Lee

    What about aqua aerobics, aqua zumba, water running? The elliptical is good too.

  • Vanessa

    I have just got back in to working out. I’m trying to do a full body workout 4 times a week whether its at home or at my gym. My abs is the problem area and I’m also wanting to shape the booty. Any ideas?

    • Laurie

      Vanessa, squats and planks have been part of my routine for the same reason and do help…

  • mackenzie

    Im pretty young, only 14 and when your little you eat a ton its apart of growing but when your metabolism doesnt match to how much your consuming you gain crazy weight at 12 I started cycling and went from 196 to 125 doing 10 miles a day on weekdays and 20 on Saturdays.

  • Will how does the eliptical rank in your opinion? I started with sore knees and after 2 months I feel no pain. I do like the rowing machine.

  • Sally

    As someone with bad knees, stair climbing and biking are NOT low impact. I can no longer do either of them.

    • BK

      I have damaged knees from RA. The Rheumatologist suggested elliptical or swimming or yoga only. No aerobics, treadmill or stairclimbing. Nothing that pounds on your knee joints

  • Bridgitt Lee

    Yeah what about the elliptical, if you do intervals it does? What about rollerblading? Ice skating? Snowshoeing? Even rock climbing is one.

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  • Mikalyn Rose Wheeler


  • Nic

    What exercises would you suggest for someone suffering chronic pain in the lower back and paralysis in the lower left leg?! I’m very keen on starting to exercise as I’m 8 stone overweight. Thanks in advance.

  • Can anyone recommend a good rowing machine. Most of the reviews I am reading say that their legs are not long enough to use it comfortably and correctly and I am only 5’1″.

    • Gil

      Concept 2 – used in training by Olympic rowers! Plenty of pre-owned ones for sale

  • johnnylucid

    Nordic Track!

  • Travis Warren

    Thank you for the advice. I’m going to try yoga now and when the weather gets nicer start swimming and biking again. This was really helpful.

    • ivot

      Swimming was my solution. I had lower back pain for years and my doctor reccomended getting in the pool and Pilates. So far its been 3 months an no pain.

  • dkm

    Is cycling good for a really bad back? (degenerative disc disease, arthritis, scoliosis) I have pain with all activity.

  • Dona

    Over the years I ve tried many things, just diets, diets and exercise at home or gym and somehow I couldn’t manage to stick to it. Oooh “I can’t be bothered to go today”, today turned into tomorrow and then I have ended up not exercising for a month or longer.
    This time I have decided to opt out for a long fix rather then a short solution as the short, quick weight losses have always proved, at least in my case to come back to as an yo yo effect
    I have changed my food for a healthier options eg rice crackers instead of a bread, more grill less fry, more fish, chicken breast, fresh veg less crisps, chocolate etc
    And don’t get me wrong I can still fall off the wagon and eat something that I shouldn’t 😉 but it is all about me “pulling my act together” quickly and going back to the healthy ways again.

    I have also looked through local exercise classes, and I have found something for me which is kickboxing
    It is ladies only so I didn’t feel embarrassed in front of the blokes, I have also found out that majority of ladies there are quiet similar size to me. it worked for me! I feel that the sense of a group belonging has motivated me to attend even when I could not be bothered and also when I exercise I push myself even more as everyone around me is a motivator too.
    I have been always overweight, a bit less or more but I always had…how would I put it; my thighs rubbing together lol
    I have realised that I need to change my lifestyle forever to be healthy, and I think for a lot of you out there who has also battled with your weight all your life, you have to realise that it is all about a complete change of your lifestyle, not just a diet for a few months and going back to the old ways!
    For all those struggling to keep up with the gym attendance, perhaps finding a group exercise classes will be a better option like in my case. It could be kickboxing, fitness, Zumba, boxing or something else whatever rocks your boat 🙂
    I have decided to loose my extra kgs slowly this time, it has been over six months and I must say that I am loosing my extra weight slowly and I have not felt that I am on a diet, as my food is tasty and portions are filling too
    Good luck!

  • Lex

    Very informative Will and thank you for sharing. It’s a shame that folks have to always find a way to turn a positive into a negative.

  • Nouri

    As long as you are moving about, your doing a great deal for your health…keep moving and have fun..

    • GeishaGirl

      I totally agree with you Nouri. I had a car accident a few years back and prior was very active and on a whirlwind with the “balancing” act. Changed my whole life and body. Severe arthritis, fibro, spinal stenosis, chronic pain along with body replacements occurred but I think attitude is 1/2 the battle. I finally found aquatic pool therapy and go twice a week, 90 minutes each time which has made a world of difference. Great for the psyche and can be very meditative. There are some days I have to push myself but always feel better once I do. Other days I try to keep active with stretches and weights (body and fatigue permitting) but don’t beat myself up on the days the body just doesn’t cooperate. Use that time to do special “me” things. I think the point is to be healthy, both in mind and body and to have a good attitude….There is an old adage, “I felt bad as I had no shoes but I looked around and saw someone who had no feet…” Peace!

  • Deb

    What about people with two total knee replacements. I can’t find any class that doesn’t go down on all fours for some of the exercises. I don’t have access to a pool or I would do that.

  • Sasha Ferrell

    Will definitely try the indoor cycling. My knees are always popping and sore. I think this will be a great way to get the exercise I need without hurting myself.

  • Janet

    Rowing is an excellent way to burn calories, but, in your pictures all of the rowers have incorrect form. It’s Legs, back, arms, then moving back up the slide it’s arms, back legs.

    • Nero

      Agreed! That’s an awful photo to use!!

  • Kim Gray

    I do something called Aqua Bootcamp – 45 mins non stop aerobics in water and its hard work! I have an autoimmune disease called EDS which means I can sublaxe and dislocate very easily, so jumping about on dry land is out, but I can work really hard in water without too much danger – and it has the advantage of being more weight bearing than swimming which I also do. 3 of those classes a week plus a couple of hour long swims are helping in the battle to regain my fitness after spinal surgery. Concentrate on what you can do, and let go of what you can no longer do – something I’m learning :o)

  • Debbie Thayer

    Hi, I have two reasons I want to lose weight. My mager reason is I dont like the way I look at this weight. My second reason is because I have knee problems and need a knee replacement, but I have been told that my recovery will be more difficult at my weight. My problem is because of my knees I can’t do most exercises. I can do the swimming when the weather is warm enough, I can do the cycling, it hurts a little but not as bad as walking, but I have to go to the community center to do that and there is not always a bike available. I will check to see if there is a rowing machine there, but I would ike to find something I could do at home. The other issue is I can’t do things where I have to be on the floor ,because I live alone and have no one to help me get up. Debbie

    • Babs Mountjoy

      exactly, Debbie.

    • Elizabeth

      I can definitely relate to all of those with joint pain or other issues. I was diagnosed with severe rheumatoid arthritis at the age of 12. I’m 50 now and have had 3 major joint replacements through the last 40 years; ankle, knee and hip. I’ve always liked working out but as you can imagine it’s difficult for me. Swimming is good or even just walking through the water. Also, don’t discount sitting on a chair and doing exercises through use of arms with weights, stretch bands, etc. Don’t give in or up. Do whatever it is you can do. I’ve always found a way to exercise around my disability and when it’s particularly difficult, I rest and try again the next day!! Good health and good luck!

  • garyca

    Would this work as effectively if you use a steep hill?

  • Swimming. The most difficult “low impact” exercise you could imagine!

  • Jo

    The spot where my thigh joins my pelvic joint is always really hard to stretch. I run and work out 3 times a week. Any thoughts?

  • Tami

    Never thought I would like the rowing machine but it is a great workout!

    • 1tony165

      No one uses it in the gym & it also became one of my favorites.. I make sure to have correct posture w/ this

  • Chuck Davis

    biomechanical efficiency does not = more calorie burn. In fact it’s the opposite.

  • Sherry Aldrich Sineath

    This is the machine I’ve been searching for. What’s it called? My parents had a smaller lightweight version of this when I was growing up and it was fun and extremely effective!

  • Shashero Ten

    I’d put in basic gymnastic ring exercises too.

  • 1tony165

    @ 5 years ago I starting to run in the pool/ good addition to my workout.. We have the first lane in our gym so I keep up w/ the swimmer alternating.. I don’t care for anything that’s hard impact..

  • Sarah Brown

    I was just trying to find how an estimate of calories burned during yoga. Everything I came across said it wasn’t much. Any body know a good source to calculate that?

  • Alexandra

    I’m 72 and having both knees replaced in January 2016. I need to start exercising now to my rehab will be “easier”. Any suggestions on what exercises I should be doing?
    2 days ago I did side stepping, about 14 each way, 2 sets. My hip is still aching everytime I go to sit down. Hopefully, this will clear up soon.

  • Rowena Brown

    What’s the best exercise for someone who’s had a double fusion of the L5SI & L4 which causes the loss of 25% bend ability? I need high impact to lose the weight being out of commission for so long bc over the past 3 years I also had a microdiscectomy of L5S1 so I’ve gained 50 lbs and was 20lbs overweight already so I need good cardio but less stress on my low back?

  • AZTopsie

    Rowing is my all-time favorite activity to do at the fitness center. I typically start at 5 for 10 minutes, and move it up ever 10 minutes until I reach level 10. It is a great way to burn calories and I feel great afterwards. I also enjoy Yoga and the stair climbing machine. All are great workouts

  • jb

    DANGEROUSLY MISLEADING post for those who truly need low impact activities. The point of low impact activities is to reduce or eliminate stress on joints. All the ones listed here can put a lot of stress on joints, save swimming. Even yoga poses need to be modified to avoid joint stress.

  • Carmen Ocasio

    Hi, Owen this summer I have been walking everyday between 3 to 6 miles a day. I am going back to work this week. I am a school teacher. What type of exercise do you recommend. I have lost a total of 40lbs. As of now I am 194.i still have n’t reached my goal wt which is 160.

    • a5m5b5

      Hey! So at my school lots of teacher will come to the school early and walk in the halls. Maybe you can do the same 🙂

  • ScottKarch

    I’ve lost 105 pounds so far. I started at 330 last thanksgiving and reached 230 pounds by thanksgiving this year. I’ve been taking it easy since thanksgiving and am ready to get into weight loss mode to get from 225 down to 195-200. At 330 I could barely walk a mile let alone jog. I started by swimming 5 days a week for 30-45 minutes. After losing 35 pounds I started tracking calories and adding additional exercises to my routine. Mostly elliptical but long walk/jogs as well.
    Getting into a routine where I try and exercise 7 days a week a and watch what I eat is what works for me. I’m ready to start replacing a couple cardio workouts with free weights to change things up some more. I’m happier and healthier and have inspired a few friends to get healthier as well. Explaining to people that I’m not on “a diet” but that I’m trying to make a permanent change in the way I live happens often. People really have “dieting” ingrained rather than thinking of it as a healthier lifestyle.

  • Terri

    I just downloaded this app a few minutes ago, I’m excited about this journey!

  • Clare Rudge

    Help, I can’t do any of the exercises above! Any advice for limited mobility?

  • The Core Institute

    I like these low impact and highly effective exercises here! Great read thanks for sharing!

  • Guest

    People who diss yoga have never tried it. Yoga is HARD. It makes you realize how many muscles you really have because of how many it works. And doing yoga sculpt is even more insane. I love it. I’m a new recruit, and I tell anyone interested in getting in shape to try it. I’ve never had my butt kicked more.