5 Healthy, Kid-Approved Halloween Snacks—No Tricks, Just Treats

by Jennifer Pantin
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5 Healthy, Kid-Approved Halloween Snacks—No Tricks, Just Treats

Remember what Halloween used to be like? Plastic, jack-o-lantern buckets filled with candy, candy, and still more candy. Today, with nutrition experts warning against too much added sugar, all those fun-sized treats are now frowned upon. What are kids to do? What are parents supposed to do? Bring back the fun—and still keep things healthy—with these homemade Halloween snack ideas.


To make every day foods more festive, think like a pumpkin and start carving. Try cutting spooky faces into oranges for a fun lunch box snack. Or carve orange peppers before stuffing them with Mexican-spiced beans and rice, and bake them for dinner. A great party trick: Arrange carrots in the shape of a jack-o-lantern, with olives or cucumbers for a smile, and small cups of hummus dip for eyes.


Candy corn is delicious, but it’s not healthy—and it certainly doesn’t help kids learn about healthy foods. Make a candy corn-themed parfait instead. Fill a glass with a layer of tangerines, then a layer of pineapple, and top it with a dollop of whipped cream or coconut cream. Finish it off with an actual piece of candy corn for effect.


Combine chopped chocolate chips, raw coconut flakes, and almonds, and portion the mixture out into small containers for your kids. It’s a decadent treat without excess sugar or preservatives—I promise, your kids won’t miss those mini candy bars.


Cut bananas in half and add a popsicle stick at the bottom. Take a few chocolate chips and pop them into the banana halves to create eyes and mouths. Then, freeze them for a delicious, spooky dessert.


My favorite Halloween snack? These Monster Grills, pictured above. They’re healthy, silly, and perfect for kids. I love munching on them after a run for a boost of healthy protein and carbs. Here’s the recipe:

Looking for more inspiration? Check out my Healthy Halloween Pinterest Board. And follow MyFitnessPal on Pinterest while you’re at it.


  • Holly D

    Or you can let them have one night of stuffing their faces and then monitor their candy intake every day following that. I don’t know why this has to be difficult.

    • Olympia1000

      Hi Holly! I don’t disagree with you. That said, a lot of people want to be festive leading up to Halloween and want a candy alternative. Plus, I know many families that don’t allow process sugar at all. This is just meant to be a healthy option no matter which route you take.

    • Shemar Moore’s Bae

      Totally agree Holly. They eat too much to make their tummy’s hurt and it just doesn’t seem like so much fun when they want to indulge the next time. lol. The way I see it is, if kids don’t eat candy every day, then a Halloween gorge is all the more pleasurable and creates fun memories. We weren’t overweight as kids because we didn’t get candy every day and Halloween was something we couldn’t wait to do. Those treats lasted us and our moms 6 months! haha

  • Little_Monster

    Huh, demonizing food groups… huh, recipes that don’t make sense in terms of prep or in taste… huh, I wonder who wrote this one. *scroll down* Oh.

    • Olympia1000

      Hi Little Monster! Just curious, what doesn’t make sense here? Apples and PB are a pretty common combo, and I do my best to make the instructions clear.

      • Little_Monster

        Pineapple and candy corn? :/ Tangerines and candy corn? Carving a pepper and stuffing it with filling that will fall out of it?

        • Olympia1000

          Hi Little Monster – thanks for the reply! Just to clarify – those recipes you are mentioning on the Pinterest board I created aren’t mine, just ones I liked. And the recipes with candy corns are just meant to show how it imitates the candy – it’s not meant to include it. Hope that clears things up!!

          • Little_Monster

            It’s outrageous that my initial comment was deleted though it violated no ToS. No other MFP contributor moderates their feedback so heavily. Do you honestly, as a writer, support censorship?

          • Olympia1000

            Hey Little_Monster – just to clarify, I have no ability to delete or censor any comments here!

  • тнeresa presтon

    Wow. She’s just trying to make suggestions. Cheese and rice. Don’t like it, don’t make it. Don’t blame the girl who’s just trying to be helpful.

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  • P. Gremlin

    This seems cool. Thanks.