5 Healthier Frozen Summer Treats (Plus, Skinny Peach Pie Popsicle Recipe!)

by Jennifer Pantin
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5 Healthier Frozen Summer Treats (Plus, Skinny Peach Pie Popsicle Recipe!)

We’ve reached summer’s halfway mark, but just because it’s nearing the time to hang up your bathing suit doesn’t mean you should abandon your fitness goals—I’m not! I’m 50 days into my 100 Days of Summer Fitness plan and can definitely see serious changes in my body. One thing that hasn’t changed: my sweet tooth.

For the most part, I’ve replaced dessert with healthy fruit—the natural sweetness knocks out my cravings. But some days I need a little something extra, and with all this warm weather my mind usually turns to ice cream. When that happens, I reach for one of these 5 tasty (yet sensible) pleasures to keep me on track.

1. Fruity Popsicles Whether you use blended fruit or fresh fruit juice, fruit popsicles are both naturally sweet and incredibly low in calories. Whipping up a batch takes less time than a trip to the grocery store and will be much lower in sugar. Bonus: If you use the whole fruit instead of just the juice you’ll also retain the fiber (which gets lost while juicing), making your dessert a little healthier. (Popsicle Playbook: 5 Fun Ideas has some out-of-the box fruity pop recipes you’ll love!)

2. Granitas Never had Granita? Think of it as shaved ice for grown-ups. Blend your favorite fruit with some water (and a little liqueur if you’d like!) and pour it into a glass dish. Place in the freezer until frozen solid; then scrape the entire mixture. The result is a delicious and sophisticated dessert—and it’s much healthier than buying ready-made frozen ices or pouring sugary syrup over shaved ice.

3. Banana Whip Looking for an ice cream substitute? Meet your new best friend, the banana. Banana whip could not be easier to make. Freeze bananas. Blend bananas. Eat bananas! The consistency is just like ice cream, but with all the health benefits of bananas and minus all the fat and calories of ice cream. Add some toasted coconut or a couple of chocolate chips for an indulgent sundae.

4. Frozen Yogurt When you choose frozen yogurt over ice cream at the supermarket, you are making a healthier decision—there’s usually less fat and sugar, and fewer calories in frozen yogurt. But it’s so simple to make frozen yogurt at home—and it wont’ contain any unnecessary preservatives the way the store bought kind can! Customize whatever flavor you want by mixing plain yogurt with fruit, then freeze, and blend! I’m personally fond of raspberry with a tablespoon of chocolate chips mixed in.

5. Skinny Peach Pie Popsicles The two fruits I’ve been reaching for (ok, devouring) this summer are cherries and peaches. I’ve been whipping together tons of recipes with them, and one of my favorites are these skinny peach pie pops. They’re super sweet thanks to ripe peaches, and still come in under 100 calories each. And the graham cracker crust makes them feel indulgent. Enjoy!

What are your favorite healthy desserts this summer? Let me know in the comments!


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  • tmac

    The peach pie popsicle recipe doesn’t make sense to me. You freeze the peach popsicle mixture. Then separately “pack graham cracker mixture into mold until it’s filled.” when do the 2 (the peach posicle and the graham crust) come together?

    • BJF.

      After you freeze the fruit, fill the remaining space in the mold with the graham cracker crust. THEN put back in the freezer. They are together in the mold.

      • tmac

        Okay, I think I got it–freeze the fruit, then remove it from the mold, then pack the mold w/graham mixture, then shove the frozen fruit back into the mold with the graham mix so it sticks. Right?

        Oh wait– are you saying to only partially fill the molds with the peach mix and once it’s frozen fill in the rest with the graham mix–I bet that’s it.

        Sorry to be so dim but as written above, the recipe provides no clear explanation

  • Charlie

    Popsicles filled with GMO’s. Not healthy at all!

    • Trudy

      You can use organic peaches and leave out the graham crackers – voila! no GMO’s

      • Mary

        I agree who needs the graham crackers the peaches and soy milk are healthy enough
        I am gonna try unsweetened almond milk instead

        • GMoney

          Hey I only drink unsweetened almond milk BUT try unsweetened almond coconut milk, it’s the best!

  • Davedutch

    What’s a graham cracker.? I am sat here in Tenerife with lots of peaches, but what is a graham?
    Is it placed between the peach mixture and the end of the stick , it look like this in the picture.
    Kind replays please.

    • Tina

      Hi Davedutch, a graham cracker is a type of biscuit. If you google graham cracker you will find a picture of them.

      Regarding where to place the graham cracker mixture, you are to partially fill the popsicle mold with the peach mixture, then freeze it. After the peach mixture is frozen, remove from freezer then add the graham cracker mixture to the the mold until is it full, then re-freeze the mixture.

  • Michael

    The yogurt one can be made even healthier by using Greek Yogurt. That way you get the benefits of the greek yogurt along with your desert. Then, by adding whatever fruit or chocolate chips, you get a tasty and beneficial treat.

  • Betty Lui

    Yeah, these instructions make no sense. Most popsicle molds require that you have to put the stick in while freezing so the popsicle mixture adheres to the stick. I think the correct instructions are to fill nearly-full, with about a half inch before the top, semi freeze the peach mixture without the stick. Then take it out while it’s still semi-soft so you can pack the graham cracker mix to the top, then shove the stick (assuming it’s not already frozen solid) in to fully freeze.