31 Ways to a Healthier You

by Sarah Sung
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31 Ways to a Healthier You

Little things add up to big things and success breeds more success. In this spirit, we’ve put together a little, easy-to-follow calendar of small things, that — over 31 days with all things being equal — add up to a major accomplishment: a healthier you.

Resolutions or not, join this 31-day challenge with us. If it works for you, then do it again and again to create a lifestyle of healthy living.


  • Dhez Nhutz


    • epickett

      Jeez, guys – it’s just suggestions for small changes that most people can incorporate into their day. It won’t get you out running a marathon, but it’s a start. Lighten up, Francis.

  • tarika

    waste of time

  • BradentonBungalow

    Not to be silly, but there should be something on there about sex. It has a great number of health benefits and should be tracked just as exercise or drinking water, eating breakfast, etc. is.