30-Minute Indoor Cycling Workout

by Greatist
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30-Minute Indoor Cycling Workout

Talk about a spin cycle for your health: The average indoor cycling class may burn between 400 to 600 calories per session, and indoor cycling in general may lead to weight loss and improved cardiovascular fitness , as well as more muscle definition. That said, these sweat sessions do come with a few drawbacks—we’re looking at you, pricy membership fees and less-than-convenient class times. But just because indoor cycling classes don’t fit into your budget or your schedule doesn’t mean you can’t reap some of the fit-body benefits.

That’s where Michelle Portalatin, a certified strength, running, and triathlon coach and founder of Pure NRG Fitness in New York City, comes in. Here, she shares an interval cycling workout that can be done anytime, anywhere (so long as you have a bike with gears, which you’ll adjust to increase or decrease intensity)—no sign-up or fancy clip-in shoes required.

Designed with a flat course in mind, the workout will boost your pedaling efficiency and amp up your endurance, all in about 30 minutes.

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  • Ed Burrell

    This is supposed to burn between 400 – 600 calories? I do see it. My current cycling workout consists of going non-stop for 30 mins at about 140 RPM and I estimate I am burning about 500 calories. Am I underestimating my workout or is really off base?

    • Kimberly G.

      140 RPM is considered vigorous. When I enter my exercise for the day on this site it said that for for 50 minutes of vigorous cycling, I burned over 600 cals. Have you entered your cycling under the exercise log on this site? It should tell you a more accurate account for the time and intensity of your workouts.

      • jkc

        Power = torque x angular velocity. RPM (angular velocity) by itself doesn’t determine how much power one is transmitting. Power is the resultant work being done and a small percentage of total energy (caloric) output.

  • To tell the truth I prefer running, but this workout seems to be a good way to burn some calories from the comfort of my home. I’m going to try it. Thanks

  • Medo_mer

    Which is better cycling or walking ???

  • JKC

    Why the fascination with one legged pedaling? That’s not how anyone usually ride a bicycle. It does not improve one’s efficiency with the bike or correct left/right imbalance which is back by many studies. Go for it if you are in need of rehab otherwise it’s a waste of time.

  • Debra Ryan

    I have a bad knee….waiting for tkr….so doing one legged pedaling is great for my good knee…..and focus on my bad knee at limited reps.