The 28-Day Lunge Plan

by Shana Verstegen
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The 28-Day Lunge Plan

The lunge is a classic exercise that serves as a building block for any well-rounded workout. If you’re ready to take this move to the next level, join our 28-Day Lunge Plan, which progresses to add resistance to increase speed and build power.


Note: Each set is for one leg, then repeat for the other leg. When adding resistance, choose a weight that works for you.



Progress a forward or lateral lunge by adding resistance like dumbbells or kettlebells. With two dumbbells held at your side begin in a split stance with feet about shoulder-width apart. Lead the movement by bending your back knee down toward the ground, keeping your front knee tracking forward over your middle toes. Engage your glutes and press through your front foot and the ball of your rear foot, stand back up.  

If using a kettlebell, hold the horns of the bell directly underneath your chin.  Careful to avoid letting the weight to pull your posture forward.


Progress split lunges by adding a jump to switch legs. Begin in a lunge position with your right leg in front. Squeeze your glutes, keep your front knee aligned over your middle toes, drive your arms upward to jump and switch legs, landing with the left leg in front.

Progress a curtsy lunge by adding a leap from side to side. Begin in a curtsey lunge with your right leg behind the left and both knees bent. Press sideways off of the left leg and land on the right, with your left landing behind in a curtsy lunge on the other side. To add intensity, try to avoid touching the back leg.  

Progress a curtsy lunge by adding a hop to bring your back leg up. From a curtsy lunge, when your front thigh is almost parallel with the floor, press into the floor, jump and land back in this position.


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  • Carol Bode

    I have major knee issues – any modifications for that? (I can do squats but anything involving a deep knee bend is very painful.)

    • Marc Coronel

      you only go as deep as you can at the moment, try and roll out with one Triggepoint as you work towards better range of motion

  • bwebb

    1 Corinthians 13:1-13

  • I like to suggest bending forward (with a straight back) towards the ground when lunging to further engage the hips/glutes. The first time I incorporated this simple movement in to my normal lunge matrix I was a bit sore the next day!