15 Ways MyFitnessPal Users Claimed Victory Without a Scale

by MyFitnessPal
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15 Ways MyFitnessPal Users Claimed Victory Without a Scale

We say it all the time: Victory isn’t always about dropping pounds. Making changes in your habits is hard — and quite often, anytime you take a step in the right direction toward a healthier lifestyle, it’s a major accomplishment. You keep impressing us, so here are 15 more of our favorite non-scale victories you told us about on MyFitnessPal’s Facebook and Twitter pages. Keep ’em coming, and keep inspiring us all. (And make sure you read to the end for a truly big accomplishment!)

1. (Not just) fantasy island.

2. Happy Fit-iversary, you two!

3. Or celebrate your nuptials this way.

4. An Oscar-worthy performance!

5. Pizza is a tough opponent, but she got the upper hand.

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6. Gym at 6 a.m. + 20-mile walks = major dedication.

7. Victory is never a straight line — keep it up!

8. Healthy choices come in many forms — here’s to dedication.

9. Down 12 sizes in 12 months!

10. Riding a bike is like… riding a bike.


11. Perspective we all could use.

12. Dry up in the sky.

13. Run, Forrest, run!

14. You can tame that beast.

15. The workout of all workouts — congratulations, Shannon!


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  • Jacquelyn Susanne

    #9 is 6 sizes, not 12….

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