10 Great #TransformationTuesday Successes on Instagram

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10 Great #TransformationTuesday Successes on Instagram

Ask anyone who has lost weight: There’s nothing more empowering than seeing how far you’ve come compared with where you started. That’s what makes the Progress Photo so inspiring for so many people — especially on Instagram. We’ve seen hundreds of folks hashtag #myfitnesspal on Tuesdays, so we’ve compiled a few of our favorites that make #transformationtuesday a cause for celebration any day of the week. (If you’re new to MyFitnessPal, check out our rundown of how to celebrate your success through the Progress Photo feature.)

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  • Dentedwriter

    There is no way that “don’t worry be yoncé” shirt girl lost 85 pounds based on those two pics unless she gained and lost weight back and forth all year. Come. On.

    • Samantha

      Depends on how tall she is. I’m 5’3 and as an example, 10lbs gained or lost looks like 20lbs on me. On a taller person, it spreads out better.

  • koffee

    Looking forward to seeing some diversity in your transformation pics for the future

  • Use this article as motivation to track your own progress with pictures. Set realistic goals, stay consistent and you will see results!